Aurora Sponsors Cannabis Amnesty to Support Next Phase of Cannabis Advocacy

Published: November 24, 2021

Aurora Sponsors Cannabis Amnesty to Support Next Phase of Cannabis Advocacy

Aurora Cannabis Inc., the Canadian company defining the future of cannabinoids worldwide, today announced a renewed sponsorship of Cannabis Amnesty in support of their advocacy work, calling for blanket pardons to all individuals for the offence of simple possession of cannabis. The sponsorship will support Cannabis Amnesty’s campaign to right these historical wrongs – especially the impact on racialized communities. Over half a million Canadians still have criminal records for simply possessing cannabis; creating barriers to meaningful work, volunteering, and travel.

“As a proudly Canadian company, Aurora values our roots in advocating for cannabis record pardons with Cannabis Amnesty,” says Miguel Martin, CEO. “We have a responsibility to those communities who have been disproportionately impacted. Canadians, or anyone for that matter, shouldn’t be burdened with a criminal record for a minor, non-harmful act that is no longer a crime.”

The $50,000 contribution from Aurora will enable Cannabis Amnesty to enhance their operations, facilitating their ability to directly engage with and support communities harmed by cannabis prohibition. A portion of the funds will go toward the hiring of Cannabis Amnesty’s first full-time staff member, in collaboration with TOQi Technologies Ltd., to lead the next phase of cannabis advocacy. This includes calling for pardons and cannabis record expungement with a focus on the disproportionate criminal records still held by racialized communities in Canada and working in the community to provide pardon resources directly to individuals.

“Aurora’s Cannabis Amnesty sponsorship demonstrates leadership within the cannabis industry, taking a step forward to address the social inequities of cannabis prohibition,” says Annamaria Enenajor, Founder of Cannabis Amnesty. “Cannabis Amnesty looks forward to working with Aurora to help influence policy for the better, and continue the call for cannabis record expungement here in Canada.

About Cannabis Amnesty
Cannabis Amnesty is an independent, not-for-profit advocacy group focused on righting the historical wrongs caused by decades of cannabis prohibition, particularly its impact on racialized communities. It was founded in April 2018, in response to the absence of federal legislation addressing the stigma of previous convictions for offences that would no longer be illegal under the Cannabis Act. Since then, they have campaigned for the government to enact legislation to delete criminal records relating to the simple possession of cannabis, launched public education campaign to fight the stigma associated with cannabis convictions and worked on criminal justice reform to make sure that the legal structures that allowed marginalized communities to be overrepresented in cannabis prosecutions are dismantled. Visit for more information.

About Aurora
Aurora is a global leader in the cannabis industry, serving both the medical and consumer markets. Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Aurora is a pioneer in global cannabis dedicated to helping people improve their lives. The Company’s brand portfolio includes Aurora, Aurora DriftSan Rafael ’71Daily Special, MedReleaf, CanniMed, WhistlerReliva and KG7 CBD. Driven by science and innovation, and with a focus on high-quality cannabis products, Aurora’s brands continue to break through as industry leaders in the medical, performance, wellness and adult recreational markets wherever they are launched. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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