Fire & Flower Launches E-Commerce Dispensaries for Canadian Licensed Producers' Brands

Published: January 28, 2022

Fire & Flower Launches E-Commerce Dispensaries for Canadian Licensed Producers' Brands

Fire & Flower Holdings Corp., a leading, technology-powered, cannabis retailer, today announced the expansion of the Company’s e-commerce offering with the launch of online branded dispensaries that will enable direct-to-consumer sales using drop shipping for leading licensed producers (“LPs”).

The expanded e-commerce capabilities continues the buildout of Fire & Flower’s proprietary technology stack that is focused on delivering a seamless digital consumer experience including in-store fulfillment and delivery. The new virtual retail platforms, powered by the Company’s proprietary data and analytics platform, Hifyre, allow for cannabis consumers to shop LP-branded online marketplaces for direct-to-consumer sales. Consumers can shop for their favourite brands’ cannabis products and have those orders completed through in-store fulfillment at one of Fire & Flower’s 100+ retail locations or via delivery (where permitted) through its recently acquired delivery subsidiary, Pineapple Express Delivery. Initial brands available for purchase through Fire & Flower’s platforms include AuxlyAleafiaCronos GroupFIGR and Wagners. The e-commerce marketplaces will also generate digital advertising revenue through the Hifyre Reach platform which connects brands to intending consumers, and provides a path to measure purchasing behavior both in-store and online.

“Retail is continuously evolving and we found that a growing segment of our customer base is looking for a seamless digital solution that allows them to connect and shop directly from their favorite brands. We are uniquely positioned to meet that demand by providing a streamlined retail experience to customers across North America through our scalable, digital solution, powered by our Hifyre technology platform. Through the creation of branded dispensaries we are delivering additional value to LPs by enabling greater customer acquisition through a top-of-funnel virtual platform that can also fulfill those direct orders either in person or via delivery,” said Trevor Fencott, Chief Executive Officer of Fire & Flower.

“Not only does the creation of these online platforms support the expansion of our Spark Perks membership program and empower our entire technology platform with increasing sources of consumer buying preferences, it creates an opportunity to generate new digital advertising revenue streams through our Hifyre Reach platform,” concluded Fencott.

“We’re excited to engage directly with consumers through Fire & Flower’s advanced consumer technology,” said Andrew MacMillan, SVP Commercial, Auxly. “To successfully compete in today’s competitive cannabis market, it is essential to understand purchase habits and preferences. Through our newly branded e-commerce dispensaries, not only can we track consumer activity right through to purchase and conversion, but most importantly, we are also delivering an enhanced experience of our brands. This direct-to-consumer online model will drive new opportunities to more effectively serve our expanding customer base and support our sales growth.”

About Fire & Flower
Fire & Flower is a leading, technology-powered, adult-use cannabis retailer with over 100 corporate-owned stores in its network. The Company leverages its wholly-owned technology development subsidiary, Hifyre Inc., to continually advance its proprietary retail operations model while also providing additional independent high-margin revenue streams. Fire & Flower guides consumers through the complex world of cannabis through education-focused, best-in-class retailing while the Hifyre™ digital retail and analytics platform empowers retailers to optimize their connections with consumers. The Company’s leadership team combines extensive experience in the technology, cannabis and retail industries. To learn more about Fire & Flower, visit

About Hifyre
The Hifyre Digital Retail and Analytics Platform is a proprietary ecosystem of products that includes the Spark Perks member program, Hifyre ONE retail software platform, Hifyre IQ cannabis data and analytics platform, and Hifyre Reach digital advertising network. The Hifyre platform also supports Fire & Flower’s advanced operations and provides a competitive advantage in providing a tailored digital experience and understanding consumer behaviours in the evolving cannabis market. To learn more about Hifyre, visit

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