Entourage Health Launches New Premium Color Cannabis Products

Published: January 28, 2022

Entourage Health Launches New Premium Color Cannabis Products

Entourage Health Corp., a Canadian producer and distributor of award-winning cannabis products and brands is pleased to announce the expansion of its Color Cannabis adult-use lineup with the launch of three new premium products now available in Ontario, with expected expansion across Canada throughout the first quarter of 2022.

New specialty concentrate: Crafted from Entourage’s award-winning cultivar, ‘Pedro’s Sweet Sativa Live Sugar’ is a 77% to 83% THC live resin cannabis concentrate that is hydrocarbon extracted from fresh frozen flower to produce a sugar-in-honey consistency extract. Processed at the Company’s Aylmer facility, it represents the latest expansion into new cannabis offerings.

New pre-roll product: Terpene-rich cultivar ‘Black Sugar Rose’ debuts its 18% to 24% THC 10×3.5g pre-roll pack, which is gently milled directly from whole flower and conveniently packaged for single-session use. This is the latest Color cultivar added to the family of pre-roll products now available.

New small-batch cultivar: ‘Space Cake’, a 20% to 26% THC indica-dominant hybrid available in a 3.5g whole-flower format is a rare cross between cultivars Girl Scout Cookies and Snow Lotus. With its terpene-rich notes of musk and creamy diesel cues, Space Cake is small-batch-cultivated at Entourage’s Strathroy facility. This is the first in a series of commercially viable new cultivars coming in 2022.

“Following the recent enhancements to our cultivation programs and success of our in-house growing trials, we are excited to confirm we are broadening into the premium cannabis market with new flower and product formats drawn from our extensive genetics bank of higher potency, terpene-rich cultivars,” said George Scorsis, Interim CEO and Executive Chair. “Ensuring we are aligned with consumer preferences for innovative and consistent product flows will be key to the steady growth and success of our adult-use products under Color, Saturday and recent craft addition, Royal City Cannabis. Our portfolio has been carefully curated and the result is a lineup of whole flower, pre-rolls and concentrates garnering accolades across Canada. With our newest additions from Color, we expect to continue strengthening our portfolio with favoured products throughout 2022 as we launch additional cultivars and products nationwide.”

Recent retail data shows that Entourage experienced major growth in the premium flower and pre-roll market segments in 2021, representing a 535% sales increase over the prior year, with a 2.1% market share (Ref: Hifyre Data as of Dec. 31, 2021, published Jan. 2022). Additionally, its Color Cannabis brand was a top 10 performer in terms of retail growth in 2021 up 66% from the prior year (Ref: Buddi Data, Jan 5, 2022), representing growing consumer market share.

Also in late 2021, the Company’s craft brand Royal City Cannabis Co. launched ‘RC Mango Haze Iced Hash’, and ‘RC Moonfire Crescent Hash’ processed at Entourage’s solventless specialty facility in Guelph, ON; its Saturday Cannabis brand debuted ‘Sweet & Sour Sativa Ready-to-Roll’ milled flower as well as vapes in ‘Blood Orange’ and ‘Watermelon’ flavours; and Color Cannabis released vapes in ‘Mango Haze Live Resin’ and ‘Black Sugar Rose Live Resin’. All vapes are processed in-house at Entourage’s extraction facility in Aylmer, ON.

To read Entourage’s recent Shareholder Newsletter 2022, visit our website here. To access our corporate video, visit us here and to access our latest investor presentation and corporate deck here.

About Entourage Health Corp.
Entourage Health Corp. (formerly WeedMD Inc.) is the publicly traded parent company of Entourage Brands Corp. (formerly WeedMD RX Inc.) and CannTx Life Sciences Inc., licence holders producing and distributing cannabis products for both the medical and adult-use markets. With the addition of Starseed Medicinal, a medical-centric brand, Entourage has expanded its multi-channeled distribution strategy. Starseed’s industry-first, exclusive partnership with LiUNA, the largest construction union in Canada, along with employers and union groups complements Entourage’s direct sales to medical patients. In 2021, Entourage acquired craft cultivator CannTx Life Sciences Inc. which operates out of its state-of-the-art micropropagation and specialty extraction facility in Guelph, Ontario. Entourage’s elite adult-use product portfolio includes craft brand Royal City Cannabis, Color Cannabis and Saturday Cannabis – sold across eight provincial distribution agencies. For more information, please visit us at www.entouragehealthcorp.com

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