Delic Well-Positioned for Accelerated, Sustained Growth in 2022

Published: January 14, 2022

Delic Well-Positioned for Accelerated, Sustained Growth in 2022

Delic Holdings Corp, a leader in new medicines and treatments for a modern world, shared the following corporate update:

  • Delic currently has 12 clinics operational today with 15 more opening in the next 18 months. The clinics are strategically located in secondary cities to improve accessibility and reach and serve the greatest number of patients.

  • The Company has a current revenue run-rate in excess of US$9 million and is EBITDA positive.

  • Delic closed the acquisition of Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC) in November 2021 and now operates the largest, most profitable chain of mental health clinics in the U.S. with KWC and Ketamine Infusion Centers (KIC).

  • KWC has been operating profitably and expanding significantly with 2020 revenues in excess of USD$3.5MM, and on track for USD$5.1 MM in 2021. This brings Delic’s pro forma annualized revenue to in excess of USD$8 million.

  • Meet Delic, held last November, became the world’s largest psychedelic wellness event with over 2,500 attendees and more than 2,000 inbound calls to the clinics in two days, matching the monthly average and demonstrating the power of the Delic ecosystem of businesses.

  • Delic closed on an approximately C$7.0MM private placement with a U.S. institutional investor in September and has been directing the funds towards the expansion of the clinic footprint, operating costs and acquisitions.

Delic executed a number of key acquisitions last year to accelerate the growth trajectory for the Company and establish the Company’s self-sustaining ecosystem of businesses, including: (1) Delic Labs, a federally-authorized psilocybin and cannabis research laboratory focused on extraction, analytical testing, and chemical process development; (2) Ketamine Infusions Centers (KIC), a limited liability corporation formed under the laws of Arizona, which owns and operates a ketamine infusion treatment clinic in Phoenix, Arizona; and (3) Ketamine Wellness Centers (KWC), the largest national chain of wellness clinics in the U.S. with 11 clinics across nine states and more than 60 medical professionals and employees. These acquisitions all closed in 2021, positively contributing to overall revenue and boosting the Company’s annualized revenue run-rate to more than $9MM.

With the acquisitions of KIC and KWC, Delic is now the owner and operator of the largest, most profitable chain of mental health clinics in the U.S. with 12 operational today and plans to open an additional 15 clinics in the next 18 months. The company’s media properties, including Meet Delic, the world’s largest annual psychedelic wellness event, help to drive patients to the clinics as evidenced by the record number of in-bound calls the clinics received during the event weekend. Delic Labs will continue to focus on the research of novel psychedelic compounds and the development of IPs for commercialization.

Matt Stang, co-founder and CEO of Delic, commented: “There are 51.5 million Americans who have experienced a mental health condition and the ongoing pandemic has only exacerbated the crisis. We are seeing a strong demand for alternatives to current treatments with lasting outcomes and less side effects. At Delic, we have built the most profitable model for scaling the best-in-class care directly to patients through the largest network of mental health clinics in the U.S. We see a strong outlook for Delic with the rollout of 15 additional clinics and an expansion into communities where access to these life changing treatments is very limited. Delic is well-positioned for growth and profitability in 2022 and beyond.”

About Delic Corp, Inc.
Delic is a leader in new medicines and treatments for a modern world, improving access to health benefits across the country and reframing the conversation on psychedelics. The Company owns and operates an umbrella of related businesses, including the largest chain of psychedelic wellness clinics in the country, including Ketamine Infusion Centers and Ketamine Wellness Centers; the only licensed entity by Health Canada to exclusively focus on research and development of psilocybin vaporization technology, Delic Labs; the premier psychedelic wellness event, Meet Delic; and trusted media and e-commerce platforms Reality Sandwich and Delic Radio

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