Châteauguay Cannabis Producer Teams with DLYS Brand

Published: May 26, 2022

Châteauguay Cannabis Producer Teams with DLYS Brand

ROSE LifeScience Inc., a major Québec cannabis producer, distributer, and marketer, today announced an official partnership with micro-producer XOPRO. Under the DLYS brand collective by ROSE, craft products from the Châteauguay, QC-based operation are now available at the SQDC. Distributed only in Québec, the DLYS collective now includes products from eight local micro-producers.

“When it comes to craft cannabis, Québec is a leader” said ROSE President and CEO Davide Zaffino. “That’s undeniable. Producers like XOPRO are proving that it starts from the ground up. They work hard to preserve the special quality and passion which can only come from Québec. This partnership is a testament to that, and it makes us proud to work with XOPRO. Consumers are seeing this, as DLYS continues to expand.”

At the helm of the burgeoning XOPRO are co-founders Jean Lafortune and Patrick Laurin who work closely with their partners. Growing indoors, the team operates in the rural region of Châteauguay Valley, known for its rich agriculture.

“We believe in local business,” said Jean Lafortune. “Sharing the craftsmanship and care our team puts into our products is why we work so hard. Through the DLYS collective, we can do just that. As part of the bigger craft movement, we are empowered to focus on our expertise — which is making great local products the people of Québec deserve.”

Released exclusively at the SQDC, XOPRO is introducing the aptly named “DLYS Châteauguay”. Its first strain is Black Mountain Side, a hand-cured, Hybrid flower with lemon, diesel, and skunk aromas.

About ROSE LifeScience Inc.
ROSE LifeScience is committed to ensuring that Québec benefits from the responsible production, sale, and consumption of cannabis. From cannabis cultivation to marketing, commercialization, and logistics, the Huntingdon, QC company plays a key role in the provincial market. In addition to its own products and expertise, ROSE provides specialized industry services to selected producers to encourage a diversified offering in Québec and throughout Canada. For more information, visit

About DLYS
The DLYS cannabis collective by ROSE LifeScience Inc. is a brand initiative which increases locally crafted options for consumers, while supporting community-based producers. ROSE’s mission for DLYS is to support local craft cannabis growers with regulated market expertise, resources and a shared commitment to Québec values, businesses, and communities.

XOPRO is a cannabis micro-producer based in the rich agricultural region of Châteauguay, Québec. As part of the DLYS collective by ROSE LifeScience, its craft products are cultivated using hand-cured, small-batch, indoor methods.