Avant Launches Cognoscente Brand with First Premium Craft Tasting Flight

Published: December 8, 2021

Avant Launches Cognoscente Brand with First Premium Craft Tasting Flight

Avant Brands Inc., an award-winning leading producer of handcrafted, high quality cannabis products, is proud to announce the launch of an innovative and exclusive product, the Cognōscente™ Craft Tasting Flight. As Avant’s first product under its premium Cognōscente™ brand, the Craft Tasting Flight offers a curated sampling of six 1.5 gram (“g”) buds, along with a single 1g pre-roll blunt and two 0.5g exclusive pre-rolls, consisting of a variety of cultivars and product formats never before seen in Ontario.

“The launch of our Craft Tasting Flight speaks to who we are as a company: innovative, exclusive and focused on delivering high quality products as leaders in the premium cannabis industry,” said Norton Singhavon, Avant’s Founder and CEO. “After leading the industry by introducing and developing Canada’s first legal blunt, Avant again raises the bar for new product innovation with the first gift set of its kind to mix superior quality flower and pre-rolls, which are produced from unique cultivars which management believes are not currently available from other licensed producers. We understand innovation is critical to our future success as consumers look for products that deliver on the overall experience. We believe debuting the Craft Tasting Flight keeps our competitive edge by pushing the envelope as to what consumers expect from the industry, and uniquely positions Avant to capture market share.”

With a limited quantity of only 420 units available, it is expected that the Craft Tasting Flight will allow consumers to experience and compare the effects of some of the industry’s highest quality craft cannabis while showcasing Avant’s top shelf brand. The Craft Tasting Flight was made using detailed post-harvest techniques in order to optimize moisture, cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and it was packaged using delicate hand-trimming techniques. The Company anticipates that employing these techniques will allow it to maximize gross margins while simultaneously delivering a premium experience.

Avant’s Industry Innovation
One of Avant’s primary goals is to drive the industry forward through brand and product development. We are:

  • The first recreational brand to package in glass bottles
  • The first recreational brand to include Terpene profile on product packaging
  • Canada’s first pre-roll blunt, with BLNT by BLK MKT™
  • The first craft tasting flight

For information about Cognōscente™ and Avant’s other premium brands, visit: avantbrands.ca

About Avant Brands Inc.
Avant is an innovative, market-leading cannabis company. Avant has multiple licensed and operational production facilities across Canada, which produce high-quality, handcrafted cannabis products for our highly desired and award-winning consumer brands, sold across both recreational and medical channels.

Avant’s recreational consumer brands include BLK MKT™, Tenzo™, Cognōscente™ and Treehugger™, all produced from rare and exceptional cultivars, and sold in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Yukon. The Company’s medical cannabis brand, GreenTec™, is distributed nationwide, directly to qualified patients through its GreenTec Medical portal, and through various medical cannabis partners.  To learn more about Avant, to access the investor presentation, or learn more about its consumer brands, please visit www.avantbrands.ca.