Aurora Launches New Eu Gmp Extracts To Expand Therapy Options For Cannabis Patients In The United Kingdom

Published: May 11, 2022

Aurora Launches New Eu Gmp Extracts To Expand Therapy Options For Cannabis Patients In The United Kingdom

Aurora Cannabis, a pioneer and global leader in the medical cannabis industry, has launched three new cannabis extracts for patients in the United Kingdom. Available starting in May, and produced at Aurora Nordic in Odense, Denmark, the extracts have a particularly rich terpene profile. Terpenes in combination with cannabinoids are an important contributor to the therapeutic effect of cannabis.

At Aurora Nordic, a new extraction process has been developed to ensure the terpene profile of its products consistantly remains at a high level. The extraction process is based on identical flower varieties and results in reliable concentrations of active ingredients and consistent terpene profiles, and ensures the safety and tolerability of the treatment. Aurora’s new extracts will expand the range of possible treatment options for patients in the UK.

Aurora entered the UK medical cannabis market in 2019, just a few months following legalization. Although thousands of patients benefit from medical cannabis today, widespread accessibility is still a long way off and many obstacles remain.

“We continue to strive for accessibility for all patients that have been prescribed medical cannabis and advocate for reimbursement and affordability through NHS funding. We are dedicated to helping improve access to medical education for healthcare professionals and are happy to share our medicinal cannabis knowledge and expertise,” stated Trisha Cassidy, Managing Director, Aurora UK & Ireland. “The effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis has already been shown in several clinical studies and even more data from 20,000 UK patients will become available once the first patient registry for medical cannabis in Europe is completed. The UK market is still young and much work needs to be done to dismantle the obstacles that continue to prevent patients from receiving the treatment they need. Aurora is committed to these patients and will continue its dedicated work in the UK.”

Aurora, a passionate advocate for patient access to medical cannabis and the market leader in premium dried flower for the UK and Europe, produces the majority of their medical cannabis products for the European market in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Aurora Nordic in Odense, Denmark. Aurora adheres to the strictest regulations for EU-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and appreciates its locational advantage for a secure supply for patients in the UK.

About Aurora Europe
Aurora Europe, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a subsidiary of Aurora Cannabis Inc., a global leader in the cannabis industry serving both medical and consumer markets and dedicated to helping people improve their lives. Aurora Europe supplies high-quality medical cannabis products to patients throughout Europe. Aurora is one of the largest authorised importers and distributors of medical cannabis in the European Union & the UK with a production and distribution facility in Denmark with a maximum annual output of 10 tons. Aurora’s internal network of EU GMP facilities delivers high-quality, premium medical cannabis to patients worldwide. For more information please visit or follow us on

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