Abstrax and Weedmaps Partner to Pioneer a New Era of Cannabis Research and Science

Published: September 22, 2023

Abstrax and Weedmaps Partner to Pioneer a New Era of Cannabis Research and Science

Abstrax, the leader in botanical flavour technology, and Weedmaps, the leading marketplace and technology solutions provider to the cannabis industry, have joined forces to unveil revolutionary cannabis research and science to the wider industry. Since its founding, Abstrax has delved into the analysis of the mysteries of cannabis. Its award-winning team of PhD scientists continue to make groundbreaking discoveries that fuel education and product development.

Recognizing the importance and potential impact of Abstrax’s findings, Weedmaps is partnering with Abstrax to launch an educational content series. The content will focus on the scientific revelations derived from Abstrax’s research.

“We know the terpene profile in each cannabis cultivar holds the key to a richer experience with the plant,” said Boris Shcharansky, Vice President, Cannabis Advisory at Weedmaps. “Our purpose in partnering with the team at Abstrax is to bring their important research and findings directly to our consumers, deepening their understanding of and appreciation for the plant.”

The journey will start with the introduction of previously undiscovered exotic compounds in cannabis. Next, Weedmaps and Abstrax will collaborate to share key insights from four Abstrax-published white papers on the Science of Exotic Cannabis as it relates to:

  • Exploring Exotic Flavour Compounds
  • Tangies’ Unique Tropical Volatile Sulfur Compounds
  • A Deep Dive Unveiling Garlic Mushroom Onion
  • Exploring the Sugar and Sweet Compounds in Cannabis

“This is just the beginning of a partnership focused on empowering cannabis businesses and consumers through education and experiential products,” says Max Koby, Co-Founder and CEO of Abstrax. “Abstrax continues to lead with innovations that uplift the sector and enhance the user journey. Each new insight brings us nearer to comprehending the immense capabilities and enigmas of cannabis.” Those interested in learning more about this research can visit AbstraxTech.com and Weedmaps.com.

About Abstrax
As the pioneering leader in the world of botanical flavour technology, Abstrax excels in crafting innovative terpene-driven, functional flavour solutions. Serving the cannabis, hops, flavour and fragrance industries, Abstrax is the trusted product development partner that forward-thinking CPG brands turn to when looking for a competitive edge. Founded in California by a team of award-winning PhD scientists, flavour chemists, and visionary product developers, Abstrax harnesses its three divisions to craft transformative CPG applications via innovative technology and more sustainable, all natural, and cost effective ingredients. Delve deeper with Abstrax at AbstraxTech.comAbstraxHops.com and AbstraxLabs.com.

About Weedmaps
Founded in 2008, WM Technology operates the leading online cannabis marketplace for consumers together with a comprehensive set of eCommerce and compliance software solutions for cannabis businesses, which are sold to retailers and brands in the U.S. state-legal and Canadian cannabis markets. The Company is driven by a passion for the plant, and is on a mission to champion the truth and stand with all who believe in open access to cannabis. Headquartered in Irvine, California, WM Technology supports remote work for all eligible employees. Visit us at www.weedmaps.com.