Westleaf Receives Development Permit Approval for its Flagship Prairie Records Cannabis Store in Banff, Alberta

Published: March 14, 2019

Westleaf Receives Development Permit Approval for its Flagship Prairie Records Cannabis Store in Banff, Alberta

Westleaf Inc. announced the Town of Banff has approved its development permit for a flagship retail location in the heart of Canada’s most visited national park. The location on Caribou Street just off famed Banff Avenue, will be developed as a flagship in the Prairie Records brand of cannabis stores. The town located one hour west of Calgary, attracts more than 4 million visitors annually and is Canada’s most visited national park and one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Westleaf remains on track to open approximately 20 locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan by the end of Q3 2019, subject to receipt of required regulatory approvals including receipt of cannabis retail licenses from the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis and the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

“Premium retail locations are the cornerstone of our vertically integrated strategy and which we believe uniquely differentiates Westleaf by providing access to wholly owned distribution channels,” said Scott Hurd, Westleaf’s President and CEO. “We have built our Prairie Records retail brand to be a superior retail experience and have focused on locations with high foot traffic in urban centres and resort destinations. There are very few locations in Canada that tick off as many boxes as the Banff location does. If you have ever been to the intersection of Banff Avenue and Caribou Street on a summer weekend, you will know exactly what we are talking about.”

“The space is also exceptionally unique,” added Adam Coates, Chief Commercial Officer at Westleaf. “We have secured a former nightclub, which includes approximately 5,000 square feet of development. This will give us plenty of room to present an unprecedented retail experience, rooted in an immersive musically themed approach, complete with listening booths, to create an absorbing way to learn about the products.” The store will be in the basement of the historic King Edward Hotel which was built in 1904 and is the second oldest hotel in Banff.

Prairie Records is an engaging retail concept, which marries cannabis with music in a natural and instinctual way. Product information is presented on album covers and categorized and aligned with different types of music. “Through this concept the consumer is presented with choices they can immediately identify with,” explains Coates. “For example you can steer towards the ‘Just Dance’ section, which will give you an idea of the type of cannabis product you would want for a night on the town, or you can turn towards the ‘Dreams’ section, if perhaps you are looking for a relaxing evening at home. Using music and musical nomenclature to align the customer to what they are looking for has created a brand proposition for Prairie Records that will stand out from all other retailers and help us create a unique tie with the consumer.”