VIVO Announces EU-GMP Certification

Published: March 12, 2021

VIVO Announces EU-GMP Certification

VIVO Cannabis Inc. announced that its Vanluven facility in Napanee Ontario has received EU-GMP (European Union Good Manufacturing Practices) certification from Germany’s Brandenburg health authority, the Landesamt für Arbeitsschutz, Verbraucherschutz und Gesundheit (“LAVG”).  The certification takes effect immediately and enables VIVO, through its ABcann Medicinals subsidiary, to export product for sale into European and other markets requiring products to be manufactured under the rigorous GMP standards.

At the same time VIVO’s German subsidiary Beacon Medical Germany GmbH received an import licence from the authority to import medical cannabis flowers from Napanee to Germany and the EU.

VIVO’s President of European Operations, Andreas Sander said, “We are very excited about VIVO’s receipt of GMP certification from the German health authority of the state of Brandenburg. This is a major step forward in VIVO’s commitment to expand our medical cannabis business.  It will allow us to start to provide patients, physicians and pharmacists with high quality medical cannabis flowers in Germany, the rest of Europe and beyond. It is a significant achievement that will help differentiate VIVO from many of its peers.”

VIVO wants to thank the dedication of its GMP team for bringing this multi-year project to this successful milestone.  GMP certification requires significant resources to achieve and to maintain.  EU-GMP certification will likely provide VIVO the opportunity to pursue distribution opportunities not only in Germany but across the EU and in other global markets in which EU-GMP certification is required for market access. The Company is now working to achieve the first European sales of its Beacon Medical™ products, expected by Q3.

VIVO Cannabis™ is recognized for trusted, premium cannabis products and services. It holds production and sales licences from Health Canada and operates world-class indoor and seasonal airhouse cultivation facilities. VIVO has a collection of premium brands, each targeting different customer segments, including Canna Farms™, Beacon Medical™, Fireside™, Fireside-X™, Lumina™ and Canadian Bud Collection™.