Vividata Releases New Study on Canadians’ Attitudes Toward Cannabis

Published: August 8, 2018

Vividata Releases New Study on Canadians’ Attitudes Toward Cannabis

Vividata, a leading Canadian cross-media and consumer behaviour research firm, recently released a landmark new study that integrates results from their Survey of the Canadian Consumer with the first Canadian Cannabis Study.

“This release provides unparalleled insights around consumers’ views on Cannabis, combined with in-depth knowledge of their habits across 200 consumer product categories, retail and media in Canada,” said Vividata President & CEO, Pat Pellegrini, Ph.D. “The legalization of cannabis represents the most significant change in legal structure regarding a consumer good since prohibition of alcohol ended. At the same time, we saw a gap in consumer research in this area and responded with high quality research to meet the needs of our current and expanding membership.”

Vividata’s Canadian Cannabis Study finds 52% of Canadian adults (aged 19+) in support of cannabis legalization while 34% oppose, and 14% are undecided. The study also finds that the market potential for cannabis sales alone post legalization could be as high as $8 billion. However, cannabis brands and government alike have several strong Canadian opinions to address as legalisation is rolled out; for example:

  • 88% agree that people should not drive after consuming cannabis.
  • 87% agree that rules around public consumption should be at least as strict as liquor laws.
  • 81% agree that cannabis packaging needs to specify effects on behaviour.

This release offers the ability to align these Canadians’ attitudes around Cannabis with how they consume media, how they shop and their many lifestyle and leisure activities.

22% of Canadians (aged 19+) are current users of cannabis.

  • 1 in 4 shopped online in the past month on their mobile device.
  • 62% ate potato chips in the past month, and over index on Old Dutch brand potato chips and Hickory Sticks.
  • Current users are also much more likely than the general population to listen to podcasts; an index of 125.

16% of Canadians (aged 19+) show some likelihood of consuming cannabis post legalization.

  • One of the top motivations for potential users to try cannabis are for health/medical reasons. In fact, 59% of potential users used pain relievers in the past month.
  • 1 in 3 use vitamins, minerals, and/or herbal supplements daily.
  • 41% watched content on YouTube in the past week.

Vividata’s Chairman, Kirby Miller, SVP and General Manager, House & Home Media, stated, “Vividata’s Board enthusiastically supports the new mandate to provide the industry with essential insights in areas where there is a need. The Canadian Cannabis Study is the first of these initiatives, and comes at a critical time for both marketers and media.”