Virtual Conference Marks Launch of Mood Ring™ Cannabis Products in British Columbia

Published: December 17, 2020

Virtual Conference Marks Launch of Mood Ring™ Cannabis Products in British Columbia

Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc., a diversified and fully integrated health and wellness company focused on natural, plant-based, sustainable and purpose-driven lifestyle brands, has announced Mood Ring™ recreational cannabis products will be available for purchase — for the first time — this week in British Columbia. The Company marked Mood Ring’s official entrance into the Canadian market with a virtual conference involving journalists from various media outlets, and key Neptune executives.

“This is a landmark moment for Neptune as we embark on widespread distribution through-out the Canadian market,” said Michael Cammarata, Neptune’s Chief Executive Office and President. “The Company’s mission is to become the brand leader in cannabis and we have established a KPI program that we believe will deliver new and innovative SKUs for the next five successive quarters.

“We believe cannabinoids are poised to be the next super-ingredient. We are standing on the edge of a plant-based transformation, driven as a result of changing consumer demand. Neptune intends to bring the benefits of cannabis to the world to harness its wide range of benefits across wellness, beauty, household products, among other uses.”

Developed and manufactured at the Company’s purpose-built facility in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Mood Ring™ is the next-generation of cannabis products, including High CBD Oil, High CBD Capsules, Classic Hashish and Legacy Hashish. The latter two products are comprised of extracted cannabis trichomes and use Neptune’s newly implemented and proprietary solventless extraction for THC concentrates.

From this week, the products will be available for purchase through the BC Cannabis Stores online and subsequently the brick-and-mortar locations. Additionally, the Mood Ring™ product line will be available to the 299 private licensed retailers in British Columbia.

In Canada, Neptune anticipates further purchase orders imminently, following the signing of a supply agreement with Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), the wholesaler and sole online retailer for recreational cannabis in Ontario for the sale and distribution of Mood Ring™. The Company is now working with additional provincial boards to register products and increase the distribution capabilities for Mood Ring™.

“Canadian customers will soon learn Mood Ring™ isn’t only about Hashish, Oil and Capsules. We are aggressively pursuing the development and manufacturing of many new cannabis product lines that continue to meet our commitment to reaching a certain bar – that is, high quality, affordable and environmentally friendly products,” said Greg Herle, Neptune’s National Sales Director. The potential retail footprint of Mood Ring™ is at least 584 retail stores, the Company said. For more information about Mood Ring™ visit

Neptune Wellness Solutions is a unique global health and wellness company that is changing consumer habits by creating and distributing environmentally friendly, ethical, and innovative consumer product goods. Neptune’s simultaneous focus on B2C and B2B customer-oriented brand development provides the Company with international reach and scale from its owned and operated facilities that extract and create product formulation, all the way to the sales floor at top global retailers.  For additional information, please visit:

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