Vertosa Expands Into Canada Through VIVO Cannabis Partnership for Beverage Innovation

Published: July 7, 2020

Vertosa Expands Into Canada Through VIVO Cannabis Partnership for Beverage Innovation

Vertosa, an innovative hemp and cannabis technology company providing customized emulsion systems for infused products, announced new partnerships and an expansion into Canada. The rapidly growing Bay Area-based company has signed an agreement with VIVO Cannabis, a seasoned Licensed Producer known for premium cannabis products and services, to utilize Vertosa’s patent-pending emulsion systems to produce cannabis beverages and other infused products for the Canadian consumer market. This sets the stage for a new level of innovation in Canada’s infused product sector.

Vertosa has also begun partnerships with two well-known, accredited third-party analytical laboratories to maximize accuracy in testing results for their brand clients’ products: Anresco Laboratories and CW Analytical, both pioneers in the field specializing in comprehensive analytical testing in line with the California Bureau of Cannabis Control’s regulations.

The successful consummation of these new initiatives and collaborations also illustrates how the licensed cannabis industry is moving forward despite the multitude of challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our team at Vertosa has remained committed to development that results in a meaningful, positive impact on the licensed cannabis industry across all verticals, and the introduction of our advanced technology to Canada and new partners in testing reflect that goal,” said CEO Ben Larson. “Working with VIVO, we can help propel the next exciting phase of the cannabis movement in Canada by offering the same quality and consistent ingredients north of the border as we do in the States, effectively creating a platform for our brand partners to expand upon.”

“And our collaborative relationships with Anresco and CW Analytical will not only solidify client and consumer confidence, it also allows for crucial cannabis research initiatives that can further legitimize our evolving industry,” Larson added.

Additional details on Vertosa’s latest 2020 strategic partnerships include:

  • VIVO Cannabis – Vertosa has entered into an agreement with VIVO Cannabis Inc. (TSX:  VIVO, OTCQX:  VVCIF) (“VIVO”) that allows VIVO to bring Vertosa’s advanced cannabinoid infusion technology into Canada. VIVO plans to install new equipment in their Vanluven facility mid-year to provide Vertosa’s emulsion systems to product developers throughout Canada. “VIVO continues to proactively search for partners in the cannabis industry who have a proven track record of integrity, unique and novel intellectual property and, perhaps the hardest to find, a successful operational history,” said Tim Hayden, VP of Global Corporate Development. “For this reason, we are delighted to partner with Vertosa and bring their technology to Canada.”
  • Anresco Laboratories – Anresco is California’s premier cannabis testing laboratory and a one-stop shop for comprehensive analytical services, whose ISO 17025 scope of accreditation covers all analyses required by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control but also much more.  Leveraging Anresco’s 75+ years of experience in food testing, this partnership aims to solve ubiquitous testing challenges experienced by many cannabis producers including inconsistent test results, accuracy of cannabinoid findings in low-dose beverages, and issues relating to shelf life stability. Vertosa will work directly with Anresco to develop methods to address these issues to ensure accurate product labeling and a consistent consumer experience for partner products.
  • CW Analytical – Vertosa and CW Analytical are collaborating to deliver state of the art technologies to the cannabis-infused beverage industry. Emulsion systems developed by Vertosa and validated by CW Analytical provide precise and accurate cannabinoid dosing. Founded in 2009, CW Analytical’s team of scientists and industry experts provide patients, cultivators, distributors, and manufacturers in California important information about the safety, quality, and science of cannabis products. The company’s commitment to continuous innovation and technical development is shown in the dedication to building an excellent research team with the goal of analytically understanding the many different product matrixes in the cannabis space.

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