Unique Toronto Startup HiBnb Wins International Award for Innovation / Disruption

Published: April 28, 2021

Unique Toronto Startup HiBnb Wins International Award for Innovation / Disruption

Toronto based HiBnb has been catching interest in the startup world, racking up multiple international media mentions, and gaining attention from investors after closing their pre-seed funding goals.  Hospitality industry watchers are saying the unique concept is a winner, and that HiBnb is a gamechanger.  As travel returns, the company will be challenging AirBnb for the lucrative cannabis tourism market – beginning in Canada, but rapidly expanding North America wide.

Last week,  HiBnb WON  the Innovator / Disruptor Award at the high profile 2021 SHORTYZ AWARDS for the short term rental industry.   The event, by International Hospitality Media  –  (the premier specialist in online publishing; conference, exhibition and event organization, and advisory services for growth sectors of the hospitality industry.) had winners in 15 categories and ELIZABETH BECKER founder of HIBnb beat out 7 other industry trailblazers in her category from around the world to win this very prestigious award. Announcing the award on social media, company founder Elizabeth Becker said, “To be acknowledged by the international hospitality and short term rentals industry means a lot and I am so grateful.”

She also pointed out that the very first thing she said when she won, was “Thank you for acknowledging the de-stigmatization of cannabis,”  something that is extremely important to her and a founding principle of HiBnb, that allows hosts to share cannabis friendly accommodations and experiences with canna-fans and the canna – curious.  One thing you won’t find at any HiBnb accommodation – is stigma.

And that’s something that excites tourists from around the world who are excited to experience something that isn’t available at home – access to cannabis in an understanding environment. Canna friendly hosts looking to put a few extra dollars in their pocket are clearing out their spare rooms or offering canna friendly events of all kinds, and Canadians travelling within the country tell HiBnb’s researchers that the company’s offerings solve a real problem for them.  It is a problem that every cannabis user whether recreational or medical will recognize: Cannabis use in or around most properties is likely to get you a low rating on Airbnb.  That is expressly not the case on HiBnb –  not only do HiBnb hosts not stigmatize people for legal cannabis use, the plant is celebrated!

(NOTE : While not all HiBnb listings are able to offer smoking inside, some make smoking areas available, while others encourage smoking outdoors on the property (you’ll never feel the need to hide around the corner to smoke that joint . Many provide rolling stations or tabletop vaporizers.  Some accommodation hosts even go the extra mile and provide guests with cannabis or edibles on site when they arrive;  others offer connections to nearby cannabis retailers. All accommodation hosts encourage the guest to bring their own cannabis.)

The complete text of Becker’s award acceptance speech: “Thank you so much for this award, i am absolutely honoured.  Thank you for acknowledging the de-stigmatization of cannabis. I’d like to thank my fellow nominees, you are all trailblazers and I am honoured to be among you,  thank you to my partner Kelly Ehler for believing in me and helping to build  a foundation for HiBnb so that we can reach our targets.”

See the awards announcement at the gala UK event here :