Twist Your Tastebuds Three Ways: Good Supply Cannabis Brand Launches ‘Twisted’ All-In-One Vapes

Published: May 31, 2024

Twist Your Tastebuds Three Ways: Good Supply Cannabis Brand Launches ‘Twisted’ All-In-One Vapes

Tilray Brands, Inc., a leading global lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company, today announced the highly anticipated Good Supply® ‘Twisted’ All-In-One (“AIO”) Vapes hitting the market, offering a revolutionary way to experience its delicious vape flavours. With the ability to switch between complimentary flavours or combining them for a “twist” – creating a unique third flavour experience of the two flavours enjoyed together, Good Supply has a jam packed vape with a series of unique flavour possibilities all-in-one, ready to go for consumers looking for variety that packs a punch.

With the new Twisted All-in-One vape, consumers can select from three mouthwatering combinations:

  • Purple Monkey & Frozen Watermelon: The grape goodness of Purple Monkey and the refreshing fruity coolness of Frozen Watermelon collide in a category-five flavour storm, available in 2 x 0.6g.

  • Orange Swirl & Strawberry Freeze: The indulgent creamy citrusy flavours of Orange Swirl and the fresh juicy cooling experience of Strawberry Freeze combine to create a blend of citrus, fruity and vanilla goodness available in 2 x 0.6g.

  • Mango Passionfruit & Guava Sunrise: Launching later this summer to join the collection, this additional vape features a blend of Mango Passionfruit and Guava Sunrise, featuring the ultimate tropical tornado available in 2 x 0.6g.

Each Twisted vape is filled to the brim with 1.2g of flavoured distillate for a potent total 1,000mg of THC, delivering a satisfying experience with every puff. The rechargeable battery provides long-lasting enjoyment, allowing users to savour every last drop of flavor. Consumers can mix and match two fantastic flavours or combine them into a unique twist for a customized vaping experience.

Quick recap on the product details:

  • Single Flavours or Twisted: Consumers can easily switch between primary flavours of this 1.2g vape that can be enjoyed on their own or combine them for a third unique blend with the push of a button.

  • Charged Up: Rechargeable battery ensures maximum usage and lessens environmental footprint of wasted devices.

  • Green You Can Feel Good About: Over 131,000kg of plastic diverted from landfills annually from the use of Good Supply’s hemp tube packaging across its products, plus reforestation efforts through Printreleaf™ partnership.

Disclaimer: Twisted vapes are intended for adult use only. Please consume responsibly and in accordance with local regulations.

Good Supply’s Twisted AIO vapes redefine the convenience of their consumer vaping experience while supporting the minimization of repurchases to help to reduce waste across the Canadian cannabis market. Embracing the mindset of ‘Green You Can Feel Good About’, and as part of their larger “Feel Good Highs” strategy, Good Supply consistently re-enforces the notion that consumers can feel good about every aspect of their cannabis purchase, from the product to the packaging that comes with it.

TWISTED All-in-One vapes will be available across Canada starting this summer. For more information on where to find Good Supply, check out

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