Truss Beverage Co. Unveils New Bursary for Indigenous Students

Published: October 7, 2021

Truss Beverage Co. Unveils New Bursary for Indigenous Students

Today, Truss is launching the Truss Beverage Co. Bursary for Indigenous Students in partnership with Indspire, a national charity that invests in the education of Indigenous people. From day one, Truss has been on a mission to build a different kind of beverage company: one that creates a portfolio of products and brands that is as diverse as the community in which it operates. It’s a key driver behind the launch of this program.

The bursary has been developed for Indigenous students (19+) applying for post-secondary education in and around the cities of Belleville and Kingston in Ontario as part of Indspire’s Building Brighter Futures program. I’ve included key details of the bursary below. Only two per cent of cannabis industry leaders are Indigenous, and Indigenous-affiliated cannabis companies make up a little over four per cent of the authorized federal cannabis licenses issued by Health Canada.

“We’ve always wanted to build a different kind of beverage company, and for us, that meant starting within the communities we work within. As part of Truss’ broader commitment to diversity and inclusion, we’re so proud to be launching this initiative to make education more viable for under-represented students,” said Chaman Sandhu, Marketing and Digital Lead at Truss Beverage Co.

“Partners like Truss have a game-changing impact on Indspire’s ability to support Indigenous students across the country via our Building Brighter Futures: Bursaries, Scholarships, and Awards program,” said Mike DeGagné, President & CEO of Indspire. “We continually hear from students about how critical this support is to their educational journey; many wouldn’t be able to pursue and achieve post-secondary education without it. And the added benefit is that they then take their new expertise back to their communities, so the positive ripple effect spreads. The impact that Truss and partners like it have on Indigenous students and Indigenous communities across the country is profound; we would not be able to assist Indigenous students in the many ways we do without this support towards the goal of seeing every Indigenous student succeed within a generation.”

Key details of the Truss Beverage Co. Bursary for Indigenous Students:

  • Truss Beverage Co. will be sponsoring three bursaries per year for three years, which will support nine indigenous students who are at least 19+ years of age.

  • Legal age students will also have the opportunity for job shadowing, mentorship, internships and placements at the Truss Beverage Co. Belleville production facility.

  • Students must be enrolled at Loyalist College, Queen’s University, St. Lawrence College, or the Royal Military College.

  • The bursary will support students applying for courses including: Cannabis, Supply Chain Management, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biology, Finance, Mechanical Technician or Engineering Technician, which would prepare them for a career in the cannabis sector.

  • A jury at Indspire will review the applications and pick based on the criteria.

  • Candidates can apply now. There are 3 deadlines to apply November 1, February 1, August 1 and if no candidate fits the criteria, it rolls over to the next window.

Students can apply to this bursary online at

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