TILT Holdings Announces Appointment of Gary Santo to National Cannabis Roundtable Board of Directors

Published: January 17, 2023

TILT Holdings Announces Appointment of Gary Santo to National Cannabis Roundtable Board of Directors

TILT Holdings Inc., a global provider of cannabis business solutions that include inhalation technologies, cultivation, manufacturing, processing, brand development and retail, today announced its Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) Gary Santo has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Cannabis Roundtable (“NCR”). Founded in 2019, NCR is a non-partisan alliance of cannabis companies and ancillary services and solutions providers working to advance cannabis policy in the United States.

“The National Cannabis Roundtable has been and continues to be at the forefront of federal cannabis policy,” said Gary Santo, TILT’s CEO. “While the industry made some important gains, including a presidential pardon of all federal convictions for simple possession of marijuana and the review of the scheduling of cannabis under federal law, unfortunately, the SAFE Banking Act failed to pass Congress. The failure of the SAFE Banking Act to pass the Senate shows once again there is still more work to be done. As a member of the NCR, TILT will continue to advocate for access to traditional financial services and capital markets for cannabis businesses, as well as the elimination of tax barriers such as 280E.”

Continued Santo, “TILT will fully support NCR’s legislative priorities around decriminalizing cannabis, maintaining business continuity, ensuring consumer and worker safety, promoting social equity, and remediating harms from prohibition.”

“There is a tremendous amount of work to be done and a steep learning curve when it comes to cannabis reform,” said NCR Executive Director Saphira Galoob. “Each member brings a unique perspective to NCR’s advocacy efforts, and we look forward to having TILT represented on our leadership team.”

About TILT
TILT helps cannabis businesses build brands. Through a portfolio of companies providing technology, hardware, cultivation and production, TILT services brands and cannabis retailers across 39 states in the U.S., as well as Canada, Israel, South America and the European Union. TILT’s core businesses include Jupiter Research LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary and leader in the vaporization segment focused on hardware design, research, development and manufacturing; and cannabis operations, Commonwealth Alternative Care, Inc. in Massachusetts, Standard Farms LLC in Pennsylvania, Standard Farms Ohio, LLC in Ohio, and its partnership with the Shinnecock Indian Nation in New York. TILT is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit www.tiltholdings.com.

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