Tidal Health Solutions Introduces Daily CBD Soft Chews

Published: July 7, 2021

Tidal Health Solutions Introduces Daily CBD Soft Chews

Tidal Health Solutions Ltd. is expanding its cannabis-infused edibles product line with its new CBD soft chew multipack.

“With this innovative new CBD edible offering, Tidal continues to build our lineup of Cannabis 2.0 products” says President and CEO, Mark Burton. “We continue to be a market leader in the THC soft chew segment, and are now launching one of the only high-potency CBD soft chew products on the market. As Tidal continues to focus on lifestyle and wellness products, this new CBD offering fits in perfectly alongside our lotions, lip balms, bath bombs and THC soft chews. Consumers can also look forward to a number of other new and exciting topical and edible products that Tidal will launch in late summer or early Fall.”

The Tidal CBD multipack is currently available in Alberta and will be available in Ontario in early August, with other provinces to follow during the summer.

About Tidal

Tidal is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of innovative cannabis-based medical, lifestyle and wellness products. Drawing on our roots in the early days of medical cannabis in Canada, and through extensive product research and development, Tidal has created premium cannabis-infused edible and topical products, dry flower and oils that are a favourite of discerning medical patients and recreational and wellness consumers across Canada.   Follow us on the web Tidalhealth.ca.

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