The Valens Company Enters Agreement to Manufacture Beverages and Edibles for Gallery Brands

Published: July 5, 2021

The Valens Company Enters Agreement to Manufacture Beverages and Edibles for Gallery Brands

The Valens Company Inc., a manufacturer of cannabis products, announced today that it has entered a custom manufacturing agreement with Gallery Brands, a premier cannabis brand house with a carefully curated product portfolio with legacy roots. Under the agreement, The Valens Company will manufacture both beverages and edibles for two brands under the Gallery umbrella – Blessed and flir.

Founded by experienced and trusted legacy market leaders, Gallery Brands aims to provide superior quality, precisely dosed, and expertly curated cannabis products to the Canadian market through its portfolio of brands. Each brand under the Gallery umbrella has a uniquely defined vision inspired by its individual founder, offering a diversified portfolio geared toward a wide range of consumers. The Blessed brand, founded by Angelina Blessed and inspired by her career as a professional Muay Thai fighter, offers health and wellness focused cannabis products containing elements essential during intense athletic recovery. The flir brand, created by chocolatier and culinary enthusiast Riley Starr, celebrates exceptional ingredients alongside the experience of cannabis edibles, bringing epicurean cannabis-infused products to discerning food-forward consumers. In addition to Blessed and flir, Gallery also features the Little Farma and Calla brands.

The Valens Company will use its patented in-house emulsion technology SōRSE™ by Valens to manufacture both the beverage and edible offerings for Blessed and flir. SōRSE by Valens technology transforms cannabis oil into water-soluble forms to infuse foods, liquids, and topicals without the taste or smell of cannabis, resulting in some of the most innovative cannabis-infused products in the Canadian market today. Additionally, the Company’s enhanced edibles manufacturing platform will be used to formulate and produce premium confectionery products for the brand house. Gallery will distribute the Valens-manufactured products in Canada using its strong retail and distribution relationships.

Tyler Robson, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Chair of The Valens Company, said, “This partnership builds on our balanced portfolio of custom manufacturing agreements with brand houses looking to offer differentiated cannabis products to Canadian consumers across a range of categories. We are thrilled to partner with a company that recognizes and addresses unique customer preferences and is known in the industry for its innovative branding and strong retail and distribution network across the country.”

Robson adds, “Through this partnership, we are not only helping bring legacy brands to the regulated market in Canada but also meeting the ever-evolving needs of consumers looking for new health and wellness and culinary-inspired cannabis products in two fast-growing product categories in the market.”

Angelina Blessed, Co-Founder of Gallery Brands, added, “As an industry leader known for product quality and consistency, Valens has a clear understanding of our vision as a brand group and our mission to reimagine our legacy brands for the Canadian market. It was a clear choice for us to partner with them as they hold the advanced capabilities to produce specialty products that align with each brand’s unique vision, including low/no sugar and keto options for the Blessed brand and decadent confectionery for flir. We could not be more excited to introduce these exclusive new offerings to the Canadian market in the coming months.”

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About Gallery Brands
 Gallery Brands is culture, craftsmanship, and curation at its finest. Founded by Angelina Blessed (Blessed), Dome Duong (Little Farma), and Riley Starr (flir), with all three coming together to form Calla, Gallery embraces the unique spirit of the legacy market and brings premium cannabis products under one roof to seamlessly optimize the experience of current and future cannabis consumers. For more information visit: