The Hash Corporation’s Premium Craft-Style Products Are Now Available to Ontario Cannabis Retailers Through the OCS

Published: October 22, 2021

The Hash Corporation’s Premium Craft-Style Products Are Now Available to Ontario Cannabis Retailers Through the OCS

The Hash Corporation, a business focusing on the production of hashish and other premium cannabis products using the adaption of old-world traditions, is pleased to announce that its suite of specialty hash products is now available for purchase by licensed retailers, via the Ontario Cannabis Store (“OCS”).

  • HashCo Gold Seal Hash honours the traditions of generations past with its familiar, all natural flavours and aromas. A hybrid blend with a recognizable terpene profile, HashCo Gold Seal Hash is an unmistakable indulgence, developed by dedicated legacy craftspeople with an intense passion for cannabis.
  • HashCo Cold Tumbled Resin is a strain-specific Kief offering that uniquely honours the very best parts of the cannabis plant. By adapting separation methods to keep processing temperatures extra low, the original terpene profile is better preserved and made directly accessible to the consumer.

Both products are manufactured by a dedicated team of legacy craftspeople at HashCo’s processing division operating within a licensed facility in Toronto, Ontario owned by the Company’s collaborator, Medz Cannabis Incorporated.

“As excited as we are that these two Canadian-made delicacies are, at long last, available on the regulated market in Ontario, we are not stopping there,” said Chris Savoie, the Chief Executive Officer and Director of HashCo. “In many ways, the achievement of this significant milestone marks our just crossing the starting line as we continue to work toward bringing high quality nostalgic hash products to the Canadian marketplace.”

About The Hash Corporation
The Hash Corporation (“HashCo”) is a Canadian company positioning itself to focus on the production and sale of cannabis-based hashish and other cannabis products. HashCo intends to apply its separation and curing techniques to produce a suite of high-quality cannabis resin products, which are all-natural and free of additives and carcinogenic solvents. The Company intends to tailor its product offerings to pay tribute to historic traditions, fragrances and tastes, while upholding the highest health and safety standards.

As of the date of this press release, HashCo is actively seeking and developing partnerships and collaborations with licensed cultivators and other strategic partners within Canada, with the goal of crafting and introducing to the regulated market authentic products which reflect quality and innovation.