The Good Shroom Co's Velada Cannabis Brand To be Listed for Sale in Ontario

Published: September 8, 2021

The Good Shroom Co's Velada Cannabis Brand To be Listed for Sale in Ontario

The Good Shroom Co Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary and licensed cannabis processor (operating as Seul CBD) has been approved for general listing of its Velada brand cannabis products both online and in store in the province of Ontario.  The accepted cannabis products will be offered starting January 2022.

Velada produces cannabis infused instant coffees and teas in a variety of different flavors such as café olé, matcha latte, golden milk latte, and hot chocolate.  Each flavor has two options, one containing CBD only and a second containing CDB and THC at a 2:1 ratio.  In line with the company’s core mission to make beverages functional, all products contain a mix of flavourless mushroom adaptogens for additional wellness benefits. The Velada beverages, which are based on the Teonan formula’s and regarded by Teonan customers as exceptionally great tasting, are all vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and sugar free.

This is the first step in a nationwide campaign to distribute Velada branded products across the entire country over the course of the next twelve months.  TGSC, through its subsidiary, will continue to develop its distribution network as well as develop other cannabis products for the Canadian market.

About the Company
TGSC’s mission is to build clean label brands that are synonymous with functionality, flavour and quality, rooted in a company recognized for having a socially responsible approach. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Teonan, it manufactures and sells functional beverages under its two brands: Teonan and Velada. In line with growing consumer trends towards functional foods, Teonan created the instant beverage lines using a custom blend of organic mushroom extracts chosen for their known health benefits, all the while keeping the focus on developing delicious flavors. All of Teonan’s instant beverage mixes are certified organic (Ecocert – USDA), vegan, dairy free, GMO free and gluten free.  Teonan began direct to consumer sales of the Teonan beverages in North America, in December 2019, via its online stores and sales of the Velada beverages to authorized retailers is expected to commence in the coming months.