The Good Shroom Co Discloses Q1 Financial Results

Published: January 11, 2023

The Good Shroom Co Discloses Q1 Financial Results

he Good Shroom Co Inc.  discloses financial results for the first quarter ended October 31, 2022.

  • The Company recorded $822,569 in sales revenue. Over 16X growth quarter over quarter.
  • Gross profit margins were of $181,942.
  • No debt obligations other than $40,000 due December 2023 to the government of Canada.

At present the Company’s cannabis sales are primarily in Quebec however it is expected to gain more Canadian market share. Product submissions have been made to the governments of AlbertaNova Scotia and Newfoundland. It’s mushroom beverage brand, Teonan, continues growing and is now sold in over 250 grocery stores in the US and Canada plus its online store.

The Company’s CEO Mr. Eric Ronsse stated “I recommend investors keep an eye on the upcoming quarterly results as I expect to continue growing revenues and reduce expenses. We continue growing our cannabis division in Quebec, but also expect to begin selling in other provinces in the coming months. Our mushroom beverage brand will be available in more US and Canadian grocery stores in the next 2 quarters as well.”

About the Company
MUSH operates a portfolio of brands which include traditional cannabis and beverage products. It exists to promote the use of functional ingredients such as probiotics and functional mushrooms in consumer products. Its line of Teonan beverages are first a quality and tasty beverage but also contain a dose of functional mushrooms and probiotics. We all have a daily routine; be it coffee, tea or another. Why not make that routine functional for body and mind by adding probiotics and mushrooms to it? Up to now no company has been able to maintain a familiar taste at a fair price while making them truly functional. The Good Shroom Co has bridged that gap and intends on making its brands household names for making it a part of its customers daily routine.

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