The Flowr Corporation Announces Sales Agency Agreement with Green Hedge

Published: July 5, 2021

The Flowr Corporation Announces Sales Agency Agreement with Green Hedge

The Flowr Corporation has signed an agreement with Green Hedge Education & Distribution Services Ltd. to act as the Company’s external sales agent providing coverage to licensed cannabis wholesalers and retailers across Canada.

“Working with Green Hedge allows Flowr to access a much wider audience of retailers throughout Canada. In Ontario alone we expect more than 1,300 retail outlets to open by the end of 2021 and partnering with Green Hedge allows us to expand our trade universe coverage in a cost-effective manner,” commented Darryl Brooker, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “Green Hedge has one of the biggest distribution footprints in Canada and we see this as an important way to have an even broader distribution of our flagship strains BC Pink Kush and BC Black Cherry.”

Green Hedge is a leading cannabis sales and distribution company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario led by Andrew von Teichman. His entrepreneurial experience over two decades in distribution and consumer packaged goods has established Green Hedge as one of Canada’s top cannabis distributors. Operating in six provinces with more than 2,000 active retail partners in Canada, the company has a 93% penetration rate with their customers.

We are thrilled to have Flowr as part of the portfolio. Their position in premium flower and production capabilities make them an ideal fit for our growing portfolio of market leading brands,” commented von Teichman, CEO of Green Hedge.

About Flowr
The Flowr Corporation is a Toronto-headquartered cannabis company with operations in Canada and the European Union. Its Canadian operating campus, located in Kelowna, BC, includes a purpose-built, GMP-designed indoor cultivation facility; an outdoor and greenhouse cultivation site; and a state-of-the-art R&D facility. For more information, please visit

About Green Hedge
Green Hedge’s mission is to be the leading cannabis distributor in Canada, providing a complete sales, marketing and education solution for licensed producers and cannabis companies. Green Hedge offers cannabis manufacturers a national voice for their brands into retailers in every province, leveraging a highly knowledgeable and discerning team of cannabis sales educators. Green Hedge represents a leading portfolio of some of Canada’s top cannabis brands.

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