The BC Bud Co Announces Partnership Between Concentrate Brand Solventless Solutions and Habitat's Cake and Caviar

Published: October 29, 2021

The BC Bud Co Announces Partnership Between Concentrate Brand Solventless Solutions and Habitat's Cake and Caviar

The BC Bud Corporation, a house of high-quality cannabis brands based out of British Columbia, Canada, is pleased to announce the partnership between its in-house craft concentrate brand, Solventless Solutions, and micro-cultivator Habitat’s certified organic flower brand, Cake and Caviar.

An industry leading partnership, a first of its kind in Canada, Solventless Solutions will work in tandem with Habitat’s Cake and Caviar to produce farm-to-table premium solventless extracts using meticulously selected cultivars to be flash frozen immediately after harvest. Through this innovative collaboration, Solventless Solutions will be the industry’s premium destination for small-scale, chemical-free extraction with the ability to process biomass from micro-cultivators.

Engaging in the partnership with Habitat as a superior top shelf flower producer creates a seamless conduit for Solventless Solutions to begin bringing craft concentrates to the market. The Company will release concentrates under its house of brands, allowing for the building and strengthening of new infrastructure and continued relationships with cultivators. This will also allow the continual research and dynamic development for Habitat’s growing genetic lineup.

“Working with the team at Solventless Solutions, we are excited to add top shelf rosin products to our portfolio utilizing our unique genetics. Partnering with experts is crucial in order for Habitat to continue with its existing micro operations around cultivation, research and development thus we are grateful for the opportunity to expand alongside this talented team” commented Rudi Schiebel, CEO of Habitat.

“The partnership between Solventless Solutions and Habitat is the first of its kind in the country, and marks a key pivot point in our mission to expand The BC Bud Co within the evolving cannabis industry,” said The BC Bud Co CEO Brayden Sutton. “This exciting collaboration is key to our brand focused strategy as we continue to focus on maximizing shareholder value through relationships and partnerships.”

About Solventless Solutions
Solventless Solutions is a brand and craft extraction and tolling partner to other Canadian brands and cultivators who are looking for access to small-batch, hydrocarbon-free extraction for their continuously changing cultivars.

About Habitat
Habitat utilizes aquaponics, a food production system that combines aquaculture, the cultivation of aquatic organisms, with hydroponics, the cultivation of plants in nutrient-enriched water. Habitat’s cannabis brand, Cake and Caviar, is certified organic cannabis, farmed in British Columbia and grown in nutrient-rich waters

About The BC Bud Co
The BC Bud Co is a house of brands created by industry professionals who are passionate about the user experience and the ever-changing consumer experience. Founder-led and based in British Columbia; we take the heritage of BC Bud seriously.