TGOD to Transition Medical Business to Wholesale Model, Working with National Partner Medical Cannabis by Shoppers

Published: February 2, 2021

TGOD to Transition Medical Business to Wholesale Model, Working with National Partner Medical Cannabis by Shoppers

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd., a producer of premium certified organically grown cannabis, today unveiled plans to transition its medical business to a wholesale model, in line with other pharmaceutical products’ distribution models.  TGOD’s patient-centered approach will enable easier access to a broad range of medical cannabis products without having to register with multiple licensed producers.

TGOD has a national supply agreement in place with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers (“Shoppers”), a subsidiary of Shoppers Drug Mart Inc., Canada’s largest pharmacy network, and is Shoppers’ largest supplier of certified organically grown medical cannabis. Every effort has been made to ensure that there is no supply disruption for patients and all TGOD products will be available via Shoppers’ online store platform.  TGOD also has agreements with other medical distributors and clinics, with plans to increase its presence within the medical market as it transitions from its legacy direct-to-patient model.

“TGOD has its roots in the medical segment and remains committed to supporting easy access to cannabis treatments for Canadian patients.  Shifting to a wholesale model not only makes sense from a business standpoint, allowing us to invest working capital in other growth opportunities, but it also gets us closer to our goal of eliminating the stigma that surrounds the plant within certain medical circles,” commented Sean Bovingdon, TGOD’s Chief Financial Officer and Interim Chief Executive Officer. “In our view, Medical Cannabis by Shoppers and other medical distributors will play an increasingly central role in supporting patients across the country, a trend we see accelerating in the years ahead as licensed producers focus on research and innovation.”

The Company will support its patients throughout the transition period which is expected to be completed by April 1st, 2021.  In collaboration with its partners, TGOD has developed a seamless transfer process and will continue to handle orders as usual until the end of the transition.  An FAQ is available here, and patients can also contact TGOD’s Customer Care at 1 (888) 603-TGOD (8463) or at

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. is a premium certified organically grown cannabis company focused on the health and wellness market.