TGOD Introduces New Promise for Quality, Consistency, and High-THC Organic Whole Flower Across Canada

Published: May 5, 2021

TGOD Introduces New Promise for Quality, Consistency, and High-THC Organic Whole Flower Across Canada

The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd., a producer of premium certified organically grown cannabis, is pleased to announce the launch of its refined line of premium organic whole flower products available to provincial boards across Canada.

“Our new leadership team started in the Fall of 2020 with the mandate to restore TGOD’s positioning as a premium organic cannabis brand. While our 2.0 portfolio is top notch and attracts a certain demographic, whole flower is what defines a truly premium brand in today’s market. After soliciting feedback from budtenders and customers, our team overhauled our methods and processes, and that’s how CleanCraft™ was created,” commented Michel Gagné, TGOD’s Chief Operating Officer. “Bold, obsessed with quality and precision, and passionate about cannabis. Those are the words I would use to describe the team we have assembled here at TGOD. I am extremely proud of our improved product portfolio; it is day and night compared to our previous flower. Boasting a THC content of at least 20% and an increased percentage of fragrant terpenes, our whole flower is a total sensory delight. When someone opens a TGOD jar, they get large buds, vibrant colours, and rich aromas.  It offers a consistent, clean, best in class consumption experience.”

The commitment to quality and consistency includes large, hand-selected top cola buds, greater than 20% THC potency in each lot, and a moisture pack in each jar to maintain optimum humidity levels from the moment it is packed. TGOD is reclaiming its position as the premium organic cannabis provider in Canada.  “We are 100% committed to quality, consistency, and transparency, and want to ensure that only top-quality flower is in market. That’s the TGOD Promise.” added Gagné.

As part of its promise for quality, consistency, and high-THC level, any core TGOD flower skus stocked in provincial warehouses that did not meet the Company’s strict quality standards have been pulled out of the market by TGOD and replaced with TGOD’s new higher-quality flower. TGOD’s new premium whole flower products are available to provincial boards nationally.

TGOD implemented a set of enhanced cultivation and processing methods to deliver on its promise of bringing an organically grown craft quality product to Canadian consumers.

1.       Certified organically grown

Not all cannabis is organic. TGOD grows beyond the standards set for the industry. All TGOD flower is organically grown and certified by Pro-Cert, an internationally recognized organic accreditation body.  Growing organically is how nature intended.

2.       Grown in Living Soil

TGOD’s living soil is a thriving ecosystem full of beneficial microbes, enzymes, and minerals. Its ingredients are sourced from all over Canada, including glacial rock dust, maple syrup, and more, and there’s a functional purpose for each of them. These inputs act as a buffet for the plant to select from based on its needs. Whereas many companies grow in an artificial medium and try to manually “feed” the plant, TGOD feeds the soil allowing nature to do what it does best.

3.       Natural Elements

TGOD’s hybrid greenhouse is designed to bring the best of nature indoors. It uses a combination of sun and full-spectrum LED light. For hydration, the Company uses naturally purified, captured rainwater. It also developed a proprietary aeration system that maximizes clean airflow from the bottom upward through the canopy to maintain ideal conditions.

4.       Hand-selected and Trimmed

The Company’s harvesting team selects only the top colas, the largest buds with higher cannabinoid and terpene content, to be sold under the TGOD brand. Each bud is meticulously trimmed to preserve the integrity of its shape and the rich trichomes that cover it.

5.       Slow-Dried and Cured

TGOD’s organic whole flowers dry at a cool temperature to let the cannabinoids continue to develop after being harvested. Each bud is given enough time to develop its full flavour and aroma. In doing so, the oxygen and other compounds react with chlorophyll in the flowers to improve taste, intensify terpene flavours, and offer an overall better consumption experience.

You can learn more about TGOD’s CleanCraft methods to organic growing by visiting

Enhanced Transparency
In parallel with the implementation of CleanCraft, TGOD is improving its packaging. The Company’s iconic glass jar will continue to be used, but the labels will now feature additional information to provide further transparency on flower quality and profile. Not only will the percentage of terpenes be indicated, but also the dominant three terpenes in each lot. Complete COAs will continue to be available on TGOD’s website for the full terpene profile.

Premium Organic Whole Flower Portfolio
TGOD’s portfolio of premium organic whole flowers currently comprises four High-THC strains, with plans to introduce additional innovative strains.

1.       Organic Sugar Bush (20-25% THC)

    1. Certified organically grown in living soil, this trichome-covered high-THC Sativa gets its Sugar Bush name from the maple tree forests in Quebec – the source of maple syrup that is used to nurture the soil it grows in. The result, a strain that is full of aroma – bringing with it a fruity, sweet scent that is reminiscent of ripe melon and passion fruit.

2.       Organic Rockstar Tuna (20-25% THC)

    1. Certified organically grown in living soil, this popular Indica strain was originally created through crossing the classic strains Tuna Kush and Rockstar. It has made a name for itself thanks to its intense aroma, gorgeous buds, and unique flavour profile that combines fruity-skunk and spicy herbs.

3.       Organic Fire (20-25% THC)

    1. Certified organically grown in living soil, this Indica-dominant flower finishes with dark leaves and fire red pistils. Organic Fire comes in chunky dense buds covered in frosty trichomes that glitter against its dark leaves. Pleasant fruity aromas are balanced with an earthy, woody undertone, and brings with it a subtle fruity sour flavour that is made to be savored.

4.       Organic LA Con (20-25% THC)

    1. Certified organically grown in living soil, TGOD’s Organic LA Con is dense, heavy-hitting Indica. This classic strain is a perfect balance of fruity OG flavours and earthy tones.

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