TEKLYNX Launches 2021 Enterprise Label Management Solutions

Published: June 15, 2021

TEKLYNX Launches 2021 Enterprise Label Management Solutions

TEKLYNX International, the global leader in barcode and RFID labeling software solutions, today announced its 2021 launch of enterprise label management solutions SENTINEL and LABEL ARCHIVE. Featuring a wide array of end user enhancements, the TEKLYNX 2021 enterprise software solutions are built for better connections throughout the global supply chain to help companies barcode better.

SENTINEL, TEKLYNX print automation solution, enables automatic label printing out of an ERP, WMS, or other business systems to eliminate manual data entry. LABEL ARCHIVE label security and traceability software, offers full visibility into the barcode label printing process with secure user access and label approval workflows. The TEKLYNX 2021 enterprise labeling solution enhancements are designed around market needs to better connect software end users and streamline the barcode labeling process.

TEKLYNX print automation solution, SENTINEL 2021, features new enhancements to:

  • Ensure no interruptions in labeling workflows during server upgrades, unexpected shutdowns, or scheduled maintenance by using SENTINEL automatic back-up server activation process
  • Integrate with RESTful API, the standard of web protocols, that is easier to use, more reliable, and offers greater flexibility with the Enhanced Web API
  • Support Modbus protocol messaging structure to receive data from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to trigger the printing of a label

TEKLYNX label traceability software, LABEL ARCHIVE 2021, features an enhanced web interface and a new label request workflow to extend label tracking farther than ever before.

Request a demo of SENTINEL 2021 or LABEL ARCHIVE 2021.

“Barcodes are a critical aspect of the supply chain, and manufacturers are consistently on the lookout to meet demands for product safety, customer responsiveness, and supply chain agility,” states TEKLYNX International President Thierry Mauger. “The TEKLYNX 2021 enterprise solutions are enhanced to provide stronger connections between systems, between people, between organizations, and throughout the entire global supply chain, to help companies of all sizes barcode better.”

Learn more about the TEKLYNX 2021 barcode labeling and management software solutions and how they can help you barcode better at teklynx.com or see them in action during the TEKLYNX 2021 Products are Here: Built for Better Connections webinar.

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