StickIt Technology Starts Trading on the CSE

Published: October 30, 2023

StickIt Technology Starts Trading on the CSE

StickIt Technologies Inc. A parent company of the Israeli technology and cannabinoid company StickIt Ltd., the developer exclusivity & patent protected of “Cannabis Sticks” is pleased to announce that its shares start trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker symbol “STKT”. Company’s CSE listing statement was filed on StickIt’s CSE portal and under the Company’s profile on SEDAR+.

Founded in 2019, StickIt Ltd. Developed a line of products as toothpick-sized products inserted into any cigarette to provide the smoker with a functional experience with CBD, CBG, HHC or other cannabinoids. StickIt can be tucked into any smokable including Hemp cigarettes, CBD cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, pre-rolls, herb cigarettes, spice cigarettes and cannabis smokeballs. StickIt’s product come in a wide range of tastes and flavors, as the Stickit technology allows for adding terpenes and to the finished product. Products can be adjusted and produced with different concentrations of cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBG according to any local regulation. Endless flavors and aromas can also be added to specifically appeal to local consumers and allow any commercial, cultural or marketing adjustments to be easily made at any destination country.

StickIt is currently in the process of developing other line of products for nonsmokers’ industry. The Company develops a unique cold drinking straw containing cannabinoids a functional experience with CBD, CBG, HHC for non-smoking users. In addition, the Company is developing a hot drink shaker stick containing cannabinoids with functional experience with CBD, CBG, HHC for non-smoking users.

“StickIt is a unique company in the cannabis industry, we are excited to become a public company listed on CSE and to share our products and our vision with our new investors” said Eli Ben Haroosh, CEO of StickIt. “We plan to be at the forefront of the technological development of the global cannabis industry,” concluded Mr. Ben Haroosh.

Stickit primary assets consist of patents and patent applications related to plant extracts, therapeutic compounds in smoking utensils, and honey complexes. StickIt have already patents granted in USA, EuropeIsrael and Canada. The Extra-C stick is created through a unique proprietary process, resulting in condensed cannabis oil presented in a toothpick-like matrix, allowing for the easy conversion of regular cigarettes into cannabis or hemp cigarettes.

StickIt operates from key facilities situated in Dalton, Northern Israel, these facilities are central to the company’s research, development, and manufacturing operations.

Stickit’s operating model is to establish joint ventures in countries around the world where recreational cannabis is permitted. Each licensee/joint venture partner will establish a production facility in which they will add the cannabis content to sticks produced and supplied by Stickit. As part of those arrangements StickIt is expected to provide the joint venture with the know-how required to manufacture the finished product. The licensee/joint venture partner will produce the finished product, adding cannabis to the raw materials provided by StickIt, and will sell them either directly to the points of sale or through distributors The licensee is expected to pay a setup fee by investing the funds necessary to set up the local production facility. Each licensee will have exclusive rights to produce and market Stickit products in their designated territory.