SpeakEasy Initiates Plans for Market Awareness Campaigns

Published: August 23, 2021

SpeakEasy Initiates Plans for Market Awareness Campaigns

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd., a holder of a federal licence to cultivate, process and sell cannabis under the Cannabis Act, is excited to announced it has initiated its plans to develop market awareness for the Company through leading international and Canadian marketing firms. The Company has identified firms specifically for their ability to assist with generating a greater following through increasing awareness and attracting new investors utilizing various on-line platforms and methods of engagement and calling on their various relevant, established relationships in CanadaUSA and Germany.

To the best knowledge of the Company, none of the firms engaged have a direct or indirect interest in the securities of SpeakEasy, or any right or intent to acquire such an interest except as disclosed herein.

Marc Geen, Founder statesIt has taken years of planning and development to reach the point we are finally at now. Achieving our licencing, buildout of the infrastructure, equipment and tech to grow, process and now sell our products has been a monumental task, and now it’s time to let everyone know we are here and open for business. I believe our products are amazing and successfully represents our philosophy in all of them. Hard, honest work, artisan level quality at scale and offered at a fair price people are willing to pay. Working with these influential, well established companies that can get the word out about who we are and how we got here, is an important next step and I’m honored to be working with them.”

About Torrey Hills Capital, Inc.
In 2021, the Company announced that it had engaged San Diego Torrey Hills, a Rancho Sante Fe, California based investor relations firm, to provide market awareness and investor relations services to the Company. The Company has subsequently taken steps towards an application for a listing on OTCQB as soon as practicable, to enhance US-shareholder liquidity and overall awareness.

Torrey Hills was formed in 1998 and is headquartered in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  The team of professionals offer experience and expertise in investor relations, corporate communications, non-deal roadshows, and market support activities.  Torrey Hills specializes in the development and marketing of emerging growth companies which trade in the United States (NYSE, AMEX, and OTC) and in Canada.

Torrey Hills was engaged at a rate of US$6,500 per month for an initial term of three months whereby the agreement was automatically extended, subject to a 30-day termination notice by either party. SpeakEasy agreed to a one-time grant of 200,000 incentive stock options (the “Options”) whereby the Options were subject to the terms of the Company’s stock option plan and the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange (the “CSE”).

About Market One Media
The Company engaged MarketOne in May 2021 to provide coverage of SpeakEasy‘s content on a variety of platforms such as Online Article, Market One Minute and other social media platforms.

MarketOne  is a Canadian-based digital media agency that provides marketing services to publicly traded companies utilizing their on-line programs with the aim of generating a greater following, increasing investor awareness and attracting potential new investors through various on-line platforms and methods of engagement.

Market One was engaged for an aggregate fee of $100,000 plus applicable taxes to be settled in shares of the Company in accordance with applicable securities laws and the policies of the CSE.

About Daily Hive
SpeakEasy engaged Daily Hive, a Canadian-based online news source, established in 2008, in April 2021, for national supported editorial and to create compelling, hyperlocal content.  Daily Hive embraces the unique qualities that exist in a city and reports it to produce genuine conversation among communities.

With unique thematic channels, such as Dished, Mapped, and Urbanzied, Daily Hive delivers top-tier information to its local audience and advertisers in VancouverTorontoCalgaryMontrealEdmontonSeattle and Portland. Daily Hive will receive cash fees of approximately $125,000 for a 12 month term ending in April 2022.

About BullVestor MedienGmbH
In March 2021, the Company engaged BullVestor to assist in building awareness and to provide communications support for the company to a German audience. SpeakEasy Cannabis is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under symbol 39H and this engagement with BullVestor will allow the Company to broaden its footprint in Germany. BullVestor arranges and disseminates independent research articles related to the Company as well as develops and implements a social media strategy. Bullvestor has been paid €150,000 for providing its services for a term of 3 months.

Karolos Transaction
Further to its press release of June 24, 2021, the Company announces that it has determined not to proceed with its proposed acquisition of Karolos Research Inc. The Company continues to explore opportunities to maximize shareholder value, including with respect to opportunities in the psychedelics space.

About SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd.
SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Ltd. holds a cultivation, processing and sales licence issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act. SpeakEasy owns 290 acres of land in Rock Creek, British Columbia, and leverages five generations of farming experience in B.C. as well as its favorable location to grow and process high-quality cannabis products at low cost. SpeakEasy cultivates small batch, high quality craft cannabis at scale in a portion of its 63,200 square foot indoor cannabis complex and has completed its 2020 harvest of its 60-acre outdoor field. Total yearly production of cannabis flower and biomass is projected to be in excess of approximately 144,000 kilograms in 2021.

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