Sensi Brands Inc. Opens Doors to Sensi Medical, Creating a New Marketplace Standard for Medical Cannabis Patients

Published: June 22, 2021

Sensi Brands Inc. Opens Doors to Sensi Medical, Creating a New Marketplace Standard for Medical Cannabis Patients

Canadian licensed cannabis producer Sensi Brands Inc. (“Sensi Brands” or “SBI”) has announced the launch of its new curated medical cannabis marketplace, Sensi Medical, a one-stop-shop for medical cannabis patients, offering consistent supply on a wide range of top-quality, award-winning products and formats — all with a discrete and accessible, patient-centric and value-first approach.

Launching June 21, 2021, Sensi Medical will feature products from a select group of licensed producers including Tidal Health, Aleafia and CannTrust, to name a few. Some of the innovative products that will be available to patients include one of the number one selling gummies in Canada from Tidal Health, including their Daily CBD gummy. Patients will also have access to unique products like Emblem Kin Slips and Emblem’s new Omega 3 CBD capsules. Partners and their products were selected following input from patients, patient advisors, on-staff cannabis sommeliers and experienced cannabis industry veterans. Patients will have access to the products and programs that are important to them, like competitive pricing and 30-day coverage for Veterans awaiting approval by Veterans Affairs Canada.

“We are thrilled to open Sensi Medical to the Canadian marketplace,” says Tony Giorgi, Sensi Brands CEO. Our team of highly experienced cannabis industry leaders have conducted extensive research identifying opportunities to improve accessibility of desirable and relevant medical cannabis products for our patients. Sensi Medical was purpose-built in response to patient feedback, and we are pleased to answer the call by offering best-in-class, hand-selected medical cannabis brands and delivering them to our patients in a discrete and convenient manner. We offer our patients a unique and more efficient way to access quality medical products leading to a positive patient experience and contributing to the betterment of the cannabis industry as a whole.”

Sensi Medical will prominently feature Sensi Brands’ newly minted medical cannabis brand, Good Greens, which will focus on large format multi-pack pre-rolls, whole dried flower, as well as milled flower. Good Greens will continue to expand with other medical products to be announced shortly.

“When establishing product formats, our goal was to ensure we met the needs of patients dealing with different symptoms and conditions,” says Megan Henderson, General Manager of Medical for Sensi Brands. “Whether a patient is dealing with neurological or physical conditions or symptoms, we want to ensure they have product options that make sense for those needs. We know this is not a one-size-fits-all situation for patients and our products reflect that. Sensi Medical was built from the ground-up with these considerations in mind.”

Sensi Medical will continue to curate and onboard select partners to ensure a strong variety of cultivars, price points and formats to fulfill patient’s needs. Patients can visit or contact the Patient Care team toll-free at 1-833-444-4664 or via email at, to register as a Sensi Medical patient.

About Sensi Brands Inc.
Sensi Brands Inc. (SBI) is a leader at bringing cannabis brands to life. SBI is federally licensed for cannabis cultivation and both Canadian medical and recreational cannabis sales, with a focus on consumer packaged goods-centric production, wholesale distribution and automation and technology. SBI is led by a highly seasoned and successful management team committed to an innovative CPG brands portfolio, along with Sensi Medical, a best-in-class medical patient platform and e-commerce marketplace. For more information, visit