Rubicon Organics Provides Update on Brand Milestones

Published: February 12, 2021

Rubicon Organics Provides Update on Brand Milestones

Rubicon Organics Inc., a licensed producer focused on cultivating and selling organic certified and premium cannabis, today announced market share milestones across its product portfolio achieved in the fourth quarter of 2020. During this period, the Company expanded the number of Simply Bare™ Organic strains available and had its first full quarter of sell-through with six provincial distributors.

Simply Bare™ Organic recent highlights include:

  • #1 Premium Pre-roll brand ($10+/g) and #4 Pre-roll brand (total market) in Ontario
  • #1 Super-Premium brand ($50+/3.5g) and the #2 Premium brand ($40+/3.5g) for both Flower and Pre-roll in Ontario
  • #1 Premium brand ($40+/3.5g) and #1 Organic brand ($40+/3.5g) for Flower and Pre-roll combined in British Columbia.
  • #2 Pre-roll brand (total market) in British Columbia
  • #1 Premium Pre-roll brand and #2 Premium brand in Alberta
  • In total sales, Simply Bare™ Organic overall rank is #6 of 109 brands in British Columbia, #18 of 125 brands in Ontario, and #2 of 15+ premium brands ($40+/3.5g) in Alberta

“These recent market share achievements are the result of savvy cannabis consumers appreciating the quality of our sustainably grown and premium organic cannabis. We now have three brands across Canada to support our product innovation platform in 2021, which will include new strains, sizes and product formats of our flagship brand Simply Bare™ Organic and our 1964™ brand in Quebec, as well as the introduction of Lab Theory™ concentrate products across the country,” said Jesse McConnell, Chief Executive Officer.

The recent highlights information presented was obtained from industry data sources including the Ontario Cannabis Stores and Buddi during the period from October 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020.

Rubicon Organics Inc. is becoming the global brand leader in premium organic cannabis products. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Rubicon Holdings Corp, a licensed producer, the Company cultivates, processes and sells organic certified, sustainably produced, super-premium cannabis products from its state-of-the-art hybrid greenhouse located in Delta, BC, Canada. Rubicon Organics is focused on achieving industry leading profitability through a focus on innovation and the development of brands and cannabis 2.0 products, including its flagship super-premium brand Simply Bare™ Organic and its super-premium concentrate brand LAB THEORY™.