Rubicon Organics Launches 1964 Supply Co.™ Full Spectrum Extracts (FSE) Vapes

Published: May 15, 2024

Rubicon Organics Launches 1964 Supply Co.™ Full Spectrum Extracts (FSE) Vapes

Rubicon Organics Inc., a licensed producer focused on cultivating and selling organic certified, premium cannabis, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation – the 1964 Supply Co.™ Full Spectrum Extracts (FSE) Resin 510 Vapes.

The 1964 Supply Co.™ portfolio extension represents a strategic move by Rubicon Organics to tap into the fast-growing Canadian cannabis category, vapes. Our premium vapes are designed with a clear mission: to attract legacy consumers into the legal market by offering superior products that deliver an experience reminiscent of their favorite legacy market offerings.

At the heart of the 1964 Supply Co.™ brand are two classic cultivars, Blue Dream and Comatose, which were carefully selected as the first two vapes offerings due to their sought-after aromas and renowned effects. The Rubicon Organics™ team has worked hard to ensure that the chosen extraction method would best preserve the natural essence of these cultivars, delivering a true-to-flower experience that will set apart the 1964 Supply Co.™ vapes from our competitors.

Every 1964 Supply Co.™ FSE resin vape will be available in premium 510 hardware that was tested to meet the Company’s rigorous quality standards. These vapes will soon be available to consumers in all major provinces, starting with British Columbia this week, followed by Alberta, and Ontario early June.

“By utilizing our own premium flower, we can ensure that every 1964 Supply Co.™ vape maintains the exceptional quality and consistency that our consumers have come to expect from our brand” says Melanie Ramsey, Chief Commercial Officer.

Beyond meeting the consumer’s needs for high quality vapes, the launch of the 1964 Supply Co.™ FSE resin 510 vapes represents a significant milestone in Rubicon Organics™ strategic growth plan. It not only expands the Company’s product portfolio, but also serves to capture market share in the fast growing premium Canadian cannabis vapes segment. By offering a convenient and high-quality vaping experience, Rubicon Organics aims to recruit new consumers while solidifying its position as a leading player in the Canadian cannabis market.

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