ROSE Lifescience Announces Quality Upgrade to Top-selling Pure Laine Big Pleasures

Published: June 26, 2024

ROSE Lifescience Announces Quality Upgrade to Top-selling Pure Laine Big Pleasures

 ROSE LifeScience Inc. (“ROSE”), a major Québec cannabis producer, distributor, and marketer, today announced a significant upgrade to its top-selling 28g dried-flower product Big Pleasures by Pure Laine. ROSE is adding Oxygen Absorbers to each package to improve product quality.

Oxygen Absorbers, new to the cannabis industry, are designed to optimize packaging environments by significantly reducing oxygen levels. Used in the food industry for decades, oxygen absorbers are small, sealed packets containing iron powder which absorb oxygen from inside, preventing defects like browning and aroma loss while shelf life and freshness are extended.

“Big Pleasures is addressing common quality improvements requested by consumers with the addition of Oxygen Absorbers” said Davide Zaffino, President and CEO, ROSE. “We are thrilled to introduce this proven technology in our top-selling Big Pleasures by Pure Laine 28g dried-flower product, a package size where maintaining aroma and freshness is meaningful.”

Big Pleasures by Pure Laine is a 28g rotating dried-flower product available in select retail stores across Canada, and was the top selling SKU in Canada in May1. Updated packaging with Oxygen Absorbers is expected to roll out in early July.

About Pure Laine
ROSE LifeScience Inc. created Pure Laine to make quality cannabis more accessible for consumers. By putting classic, simple, reliability behind its wide selection of product size, format, aromas, and flavours, Pure Laine makes consumer choices simple in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

About ROSE LifeScience Inc.
ROSE LifeScience is committed to ensuring that consumers benefit from the responsible production, sale, and consumption of cannabis in Québec and across Canada. From cannabis cultivation to marketing, commercialization, and logistics, the Huntingdon, QC company plays a key role in the Québec market. In addition to its own products and expertise, ROSE provides specialized industry services to selected producers to encourage a diversified offering in the Québec and Canadian markets. Rose LifeScience is majority owned by Village Farms International (Nasdaq: VFF) with the balance owned and operated by its Québec-based founders. For more information, visit