Retro Releases Canada's Strongest Infused Pre-roll Into the Market

Published: May 25, 2023

Retro Releases Canada's Strongest Infused Pre-roll Into the Market

RETRO Cannabis & Hemp Extracts (“RETRO”), a craft cannabis micro-producer located on the east coast of Canada, announced earlier today that after months of research & development they have successfully produced the strongest infused pre-roll in the Canadian Cannabis market.

RETRO’s Potent Pete! was carefully crafted by infusing Powdered Donuts flower – a sativa-dominant strain with distinctive undertones of cedar, fruits, and citrus – with Blueberry Muffin, a full-spectrum micronized THC isolate (FSMI). This unique combination makes Potent Pete, reflective of its name, test at an impressive THC content of 55% (550mg/g), complimented by a modest but flavour filled 2.1% terpene profile.

Unlike standard isolates, which typically lack a diverse terpene profile, the innovative research and development team at RETRO has successfully preserved terpenes and other cannabinoids in the final phase of FSMI production. This breakthrough allows Potent Pete! to deliver a sensory-rich experience, characterized by an enticing aroma.

Potent Pete! is an ideal choice for those seeking a robust, flavorful cannabis experience or individuals desiring to engage in a top-tier cannabis encounter. The product’s potency, coupled with its user-friendly pre-roll format, positions Potent Pete as the ultimate luxury for cannabis aficionados across the nation.

RETRO’s Potent Pete! infused pre-rolls will soon be available for sale nationwide. This new record-breaking powerhouse will be available in a 3 x 0.5g pack. “We’ve witnessed infused offerings in the [Canadian Cannabis] market with THC levels ranging from 26% to 35%;” says Andrew Costa, COO of RETRO. “Let us revolutionize your expectations with Potent Pete! We’re on a mission to deliver an unmatched experience that defies convention.”

RETRO is one of Canada’s prominent craft micro producers located in the east coast of Canada in beautiful Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. RETRO’s commitment from the beginning has been to focus on producing top-quality products with attention to detail in every step of their process. Their current product offerings include full spectrum strain-specific honey oils and vapes, CBD oils, dried flower, pre-rolls, concentrates and infused pre-rolls. Notably, RETRO is in the early R&D stages of producing a new hash-inspired product and aim to release this innovative offering in the fall of 2023.