Redecan Expands Their Redees Line-Up with New Strains, More Bud and Holiday Spirit

Published: November 9, 2021

Redecan Expands Their Redees Line-Up with New Strains, More Bud and Holiday Spirit

Canadian cannabis consumers like convenience — look no further than the sky-rocketing growth of pre-rolls. In just the past 9 months alone, pre-rolled joints have tripled in sales and are now the second largest category consumed. But the types of pre-rolls they are buying has changed. Today’s consumers are moving away from the traditional “Puff Puff Pass”, instead opting for personal sized pre-rolls which now make up one third of total sales. Redecan Redees, the original personal sized pre-rolls, are packed with ten 0.4g pre-rolls for the perfect solo session.

Known as the pre-eminent leader in pre-roll innovation, Redecan continues to pioneer the category with the introduction of the King Pack. Containing a full ounce (28g) of Redecan’s best-selling strain Wappa, the King Pack, with seventy 0.4g pre-rolls, satisfies consumers’ insatiable appetite for larger pack sizes across all formats.

In addition to the King Pack, Redecan is upsizing all Redees strains to 0.4g, packing in more bud for an enhanced experience, with a slower burn at the same great price consumers have come to know and love. New fan favourite strains, Black Cherry Punch and Lilac Diesel join the lineup of Redees available in Ontario. And just in time for the holiday season, Redecan has introduced limited-edition ‘Wrapped and Redee’ Redees in our Glueberry OG strain. These Redees are wrapped in the holiday spirit and are available in three different coloured boxes, only while quantities last.

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