Rapid Dose Therapeutics to Launch its Innovative Quickstrip Product to the Nevada Cannabis Market

Published: January 15, 2019

Rapid Dose Therapeutics to Launch its Innovative Quickstrip Product to the Nevada Cannabis Market

Flower One Holdings Inc. announced its first brand partnership for cannabis product fulfillment in Nevada. Flower One and Rapid Dose Therapeutics Inc. entered into a definitive agreement on January 10, 2019, pursuant to which Flower One has been granted license to manufacture, distribute and sell RDT’s QuickStrip, an innovative, proprietary delivery technology for the cannabis market in Nevada.

Flower One expects to produce and distribute QuickStrip for the medical and adult recreational cannabis market in Nevada by Spring 2019. RDT’s proprietary QuickStrip technology is a Quick, Convenient, Precise, Discreet™ oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system. The QuickStrip technology offers consumers a discreet and smoke-free alternative to enjoy cannabis.

“Brand partnerships are a key component to Flower One’s growth strategy in the Nevada cannabis market,” said Ken Villazor, Flower One’s President and CEO. “Our cultivation, processing and custom packaging facilities in Nevada will total more than 480,000 square feet. The scale, technology and automation of our facilities will bring precision, quality and a consistent ability for Flower One to bring RDT’s innovative QuickStrip™ delivery technology to Nevada’s fast-growing cannabis market.”

Nevada is one of the most lucrative cannabis markets in the United States, hosting more than 55 million tourists annually from all over the globe to Las Vegas — an audience of almost 1.5 times greater than the population of Canada. The state reported $529.9 million in sales for all 2018 marijuana sales — that includes recreational, medicinal and cannabis-related products.

“Through our Managed Strip Service (MSS), RDT is focused and committed to providing consumers in the United States cannabis markets a Smoke-Free Choice.” said Mark Upsdell, CEO of RDT. “RDT’s Gold Vendor Status agreement with Flower One will enable them to sell to all the legal dispensaries in Nevada, under both their own private brand and as a white label program to the other licensed growers in Nevada. Our brand partnership with Flower One further strengthens and positions QuickStrip for rapid growth as an international brand and delivery device to cannabis consumers — while delivering health and improving outcomes.” Villazor adds, “With QuickStrip’s discreet and measured dosing, we are well positioned to bring a unique and exciting product offering to Las Vegas and Nevada’s tourist-driven cannabis market, and we are thrilled to be adding it to Flower One’s portfolio of Brand Partners.”

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