Pure Global and Velvet Announce Distribution Partnership to Reach Retailers Across Canada

Published: March 21, 2019

Pure Global and Velvet Announce Distribution Partnership to Reach Retailers Across Canada

Pure Global Cannabis Inc., an integrated, growth-oriented life sciences and consumer products cannabis company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary PureSinse Inc., a Health Canada licensed producer under The Cannabis Act, is pleased to announce a partnership with Velvet Management Inc., to be its Canadawide sales and distribution agent for its premium wellness, recreational, and craft cannabis products to be sold through provincially licensed stores and online retailers.

Velvet, a company created by the largest wine distributor in Canada, Philippe Dandurand Wines Ltd. (“Dandurand”), will serve to ensure a strong retail and brand presence for Pure Global’s non-medical lines of cannabis products with provincially regulated channels. With sales teams in every province, Velvet brings a deep expertise with driving brand visibility and commercial retail presence.

Dandurand is the largest wine importer/agent in Canada, responsible for over 4 million cases or $625 million of annual sales volume across 3,000 retail points, with the largest wine salesforce in the country. One in ten imported bottles of wine in Canada is sold by Dandurand. In operation for over fifty years, with 125 employees in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, Dandurand has won Partner of the Year for the last three years by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (“LCBO”). The LCBO operates the Ontario Cannabis Store and will distribute cannabis to provincially licensed retailers. Velvet Management is dedicated to the cannabis sector and will duplicate the model that achieved them the number one status in the wine category.

Velvet will soon have over 40 experienced sales representatives to service the close to two thousand licensed retail locations soon expected across Canada. Velvet has established direct relationships with provincial wholesalers and retail operators in all provinces giving Pure Global’s branded portfolio immediate, direct access to each point of distribution in Canada’s consumer Cannabis market, with exclusivity for the premium and craft product categories.

“This is significant for our sales, distribution, and route to market strategy to expedite our reach to provincially licensed retailers,” said Malay Panchal, CEO of Pure Global. “Velvet’s highly professional and experienced team was an obvious choice when further asking who has the track record to make us leaders in every product category we want to enter,” Panchal further added.

“This partnership is a tremendous step forward for us and provides our premium and craft brands with experienced sales and distribution teams coast-to-coast,” said Ross Hendry, Vice President of Consumer Sales and Marketing. “Philippe Dandurand has proven themselves, and truly understands the relationship between brand owners, provincial representatives and retail outlets, as well as how visibility and quality drive commercial success in a unique shopping environment.”

“At Velvet, we are committed to selling cannabis products of only the highest quality,” said Vianney Aubrecht, President of Velvet. “Pure Global has a commitment to premium products, and we look forward to driving sales through distribution, visibility and quality. This will ultimately benefit the customer who is navigating purchase decisions in a highly regulated environment but still looking for trusted super-premium and craft cannabis products,” added Aubrecht.

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