Plateau Enters Into the Cannabis Retail Market as First Data Driven Cannabis Retail Store

Published: April 27, 2021

Plateau Enters Into the Cannabis Retail Market as First Data Driven Cannabis Retail Store

Plateau  announced its entrance into the Canadian cannabis retail market, opening two stores in Ottawa, Ontario. The first location, located at 891 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, celebrates its grand opening today, April 26, 2021, with curbside pick-up and one hour delivery (within Ottawa). The second location is set to open June 7, 2021 at 440 Preston Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Plateau is Canada’s first data-driven cannabis retail store representing the next phase in cannabis retail and cannabis intelligence. The Company focuses on leveraging consumer data to deliver targeted experiences.

Through extensive collaboration with their research partners, Plateau has been able to leverage a data set of 1.5 million cannabis users and 90 million+ tracked data points on cannabis products. As a result, the Company is able to perform precise data-driven product selection for its customers and match special chemical profiles of cannabis products with their recorded effects.

The Company simplifies the paradox of choice, encouraging its customers to shop based on three primary experiences: Up, Down and CBD. With under 100 skus available in store, each product carried is carefully curated and selected with purpose. Plateau stands out amongst competitors for two reasons: the ease and accuracy of customer transactions, and the unique feeling associated with the brand and stores.

“Our ultimate goal is to empower customers to make better decisions about the product they are purchasing,” says Nader Salib, Retail & Branding Director of Plateau. “Our selection is based on Certificates of Analysis and consumer feedback. Transparency is key; if we cannot speak truthfully about a product or a producer isn’t giving us the information that we feel the consumer deserves, we simply will not carry it.”

The store design reflects the healthy and creative lifestyle that Plateau products promote. Each location is thoughtfully designed to cultivate feelings of wellness and sophistication using textures, rounded corners, warm lighting, and vintage finishes. By focusing on the full sensory experience of the store, the Company offers an immersive and uplifting environment.

Plateau will operate a recycling rewards program in each of its locations to encourage customers to recycle the government issued cannabis packaging. With every product recycled on site, the consumer will receive a discount on future products and earn loyalty points. Driven by data and organized by experience, shop Plateau’s first location at 891 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, today via for curbside pick up and delivery.

Plateau is a boutique retailer promoting a holistic approach to cannabis and its benefits for physical and mental well-being. Its data-driven purchasing strategy removes the guesswork for customers and allows the retailer to pinpoint exactly which products are needed for their intended usage. From branding to store design and employee education, each aspect of Plateau’s presentation is carefully considered, resulting in immersive and informative experiences for the customer. This is expanded through Plateau’s social media output, which uses stylized photography, video, and graphic design to reach new and old customers, and promote healthy and creative lifestyles.

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