PharmaCielo Appoints New and Extended Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

Published: April 10, 2019

PharmaCielo Appoints New and Extended Medical and Scientific Advisory Board

David Attard, Chief Executive Officer of PharmaCielo Ltd., the Canadian parent of Colombia’s premier cultivator and producer of medicinal-grade cannabis oil, PharmaCielo Colombia Holdings S.A.S., is pleased to announce the appointment of the Company’s extended Medical and Scientific Advisory Board (MSAB).

“Global adoption of medical cannabis therapy is nearing a tipping point as acceptance by governments, healthcare practitioners and the public reaches a critical mass,” said David Attard, Chief Executive Officer with PharmaCielo. “With the guidance of our new international Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, led by Dr. Delon Human, PharmaCielo is well positioned to become a global leader with medicinal cannabis offerings backed by enhanced medical and scientific research capabilities, advanced cultivation and extraction practices and the development of innovative products.”

The mandate of the MSAB is to enhance PharmaCielo’s research and product development plan, focused on the therapeutic properties of cannabinoid-based formulations. The MSAB will also provide guidance to PharmaCielo in safe and effective processes to use in the development of medicinal, consumer and pet health products – while adhering to stringent ethical research principles.

Dr. Delon Human, Global Head, Health and Innovation with PharmaCielo and Chair of the MSAB, noted, “The therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in helping to reduce human suffering and illness and to enhance well-being is enormous, and we have only scratched the surface of it. I believe that the members of PharmaCielo’s MSAB have the unique opportunity to contribute to the development of the industry as a whole, by adhering to the same high standards of research and product identification used in related areas of medicinal research, as well as by focusing attention on the patient community.”

The extended MSAB, consists of world-renowned experts from the medical, veterinarian, product R&D and academic fields, including:

  • Dr. Delon Human [Switzerland], Global Head of Health and Innovation with PharmaCielo and Chair of the MSAB, is a published author, international lecturer and health care consultant specializing in global health strategy, corporate and product transformation, harm reduction and health communication. As Chair of PharmaCielo’s MSAB, Dr. Human will lead the overall health strategy, oversee product-based R&D, engage with key stakeholders such as the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO), and ensure necessary regulatory standards for tracking of the Company’s products within the global distribution network are maintained.
  • Dr. Nadia Crosignani [Uruguayis a veterinarian, working as a professor and researcher in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of the Republic of Uruguay (UdelaR). She is also a member of the Nucleus of Cannabis Research in UdelaR. As a PharmaCielo MSAB member, Dr. Crosignani will bring her research experience and expertise in analgesia and veterinary medicine to support the Company in pet health product development.
  • Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos [Greece], a cardiologist and researcher at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Centre, Department of Pharmacology, University of Patras, is recognized as a global expert in tobacco harm reduction and product development. As a MSAB member, Dr. Farsalinos will bring his vast knowledge and expertise in ingredient and emission chemical analysis, as well as draw from his research on novel forms of medicinal cannabis and its administration using metered dose devices.
  • Prof. Gerard Madlambayan [United States], a professor of biological sciences at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan, is recognized for his translational research efforts in stem-cell therapies and drug discovery for treating cancer. Professor Madlambayan’s background in biomedical engineering will support PharmaCielo in the development of world-class, GMP-certified laboratories and manufacturing facilities as well as provide assistance in all aspects of product-based R&D.
  • Dr. Anders Milton [Sweden], the former CEO and secretary general of the Swedish Medical Association, chairman of the council of the World Medical Association and chairman of the Swedish Red Cross, specializes in ethics of medical practice and safe healthcare, critical elements in any company focused on developing products for medicinal use. As part of the MSAB, Dr. Milton will leverage his experience as a public health leader to bridge the gap between policy, science and business development.
  • Prof. Riccardo Polosa [Italy], professor of internal medicine and head of the Institute of Internal and Emergency Medicine at the University of Catania in Sicily, where he founded and currently supervises the Centre for Tobacco Research. Professor Polosa brings to PharmaCielo’s MSAB unparalleled expertise in the development of various forms of inhalable, ingestible and oral drugs, as well as an extensive track record in consumer behaviour, clinical trials and post-market surveillance.
  • Prof. Solomon Rataemane [South Africa], head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Limpopo in Pretoria, brings a vast research background in child psychiatry, mood disorders and addiction medicine. He is the former chairperson of the Central Drug Authority of South Africa and serves as the general secretary of the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation. As a MSAB member, Professor Rataemane will provide counsel on youth usage of psychoactive substances and contribute his expertise to product R&D of cannabinoid-based treatments for mental health conditions.
  • Prof. David Richardson [United Kingdom] is head of a speciality consulting firm in nutrition and food sciences and holds visiting professorships at the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy, University of Reading. He is also the former Group Chief Scientist for Nestle UK. As a MSAB member, Professor Richardson will support PharmaCielo in developing a research agenda for cannabinoid-based nutraceuticals, and guide the regulatory path to accreditation, consumer safety, care and support.

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