ParcelPal Signs Agreement for Marijuana Distribution With Choom Holdings Inc.

Published: September 27, 2018

ParcelPal Signs Agreement for Marijuana Distribution With Choom Holdings Inc.

ParcelPal Technology Inc. announced they have signed an agreement for Cannabis distribution with Vancouver, BC based Choom Holdings Inc. Canada’s leading cannabis retailer.

Further to the marijuana strategy announced on September 13, 2018, ParcelPal has made their first footprint into the marijuana industry through signing an agreement with Choom Holdings Inc. The Company received the agreement from Choom for the establishment of distribution from various retail outlets in Canada. The initiative will consist of:

  1. Distribution: ParcelPal and Choom will jointly develop the optimal roadmap for distribution within various provinces for adult use cannabis.
  2. Accessibility: Using Choom’s and ParcelPal’s platform to enhance user experience and accessibility to products offered.
  3. Compliance: ParcelPal and Choom will ensure that all products will be delivered will be within the parameters set forth by all regulating bodies in Canada.
  4. Safety: ParcelPal and Choom are dedicated to public safety by enabling safe access to product for consumers through an instant delivery channel; eliminating impaired driving.

President and CEO Kelly Abbott States, “We are extremely pleased and excited to have this agreement from Choom and fully intend to utilize other partnership opportunities to forward our national cannabis distribution and delivery strategy. Our contemplation is to be the Uber of cannabis for Canada and grow our revenues exponentially through this vertical.” Abbott continued, “Current options, such as Canada Post or other antiquated courier services are expensive, may take up to 7 days and are fraught with service interruptions such as strikes. With ParcelPal, consumers can get their requested product easily and safely within an hour. Our innovative technology enables seamless integration with any retail outlet for cannabis.”

President and CEO Chris Bogart from Choom states, “We recognize the importance of utilizing the existing technology of ParcelPal’s mobile app in concert with their outstanding track record of home delivery execution. We believe this will provide an exceptional customer experience and we are excited to offer this to our valued customers upon the upcoming rollout of our retail strategy.”