Pabst Labs Joins Forces with Tinley’s to Manufacture Cannabis-Infused “Not Your Father's” Root Beer in California

Published: May 10, 2021

Pabst Labs Joins Forces with Tinley’s to Manufacture Cannabis-Infused “Not Your Father's” Root Beer in California

The Tinley Beverage Company Inc. announced that the cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic version of the popular ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ beverage will be produced at the Company’s Long Beach facility. ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ is a hard root beer distributed nationally by Pabst Brewing Co. It quickly became one of the USA’s top selling craft beers in 2015, according to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm. With its smooth and balanced profile, NYF has become a national sensation enjoyed by consumers of all ages and backgrounds.

The cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic version of the product will be produced in Tinley’s facility in Long Beach, California together with Pabst Labs. It will contain a 10 mg dose of THC in each 12 fl oz bottle, and it will be made available in cannabis dispensaries throughout the state of California. Pabst Labs is also working with Tinley’s to plan the launch of additional products from the Pabst Labs brand portfolio.

“Tinley’s facility is ideally equipped to produce our glass bottled products, including pasteurization and other options,” said Chuck Barlick of Pabst Labs. “This, combined with their team’s deep technical manufacturing expertise, will enable us to launch a broad variety of drinks from Pabst Labs”

NYF Brand Manager Mark Faicol added, “Introducing ‘Not Your Father’s Root Beer’ to cannabis consumers in California is a welcome expansion of our growing family of brands. Its smooth and balanced flavour has broad appeal, from discerning craft drinkers to cannabis consumers. NYF provides a unique and flavourful offering for those who prefer beverages as their primary method of cannabis consumption. Our team at Pabst Labs has always prioritized taste and experience in our beverages and are proud to offer our ‘Not Your Father’s’ 10mg Root Beer as a fast acting, social and hangover-free experience.”

“Pabst Labs has emerged as a forward-thinking beverage leader, extending strong mainstream brands into the growing cannabis beverage category, said Rick Gillis, President, Tinley’s Western USA. “These quality brands offer new options to consumers who are increasingly choosing cannabis.”

“We look forward to the launch of this favourite brand, and to working with the Pabst Lab team on additional products using their other strong nationally-recognized brands,” said Ted Zittell, director of Tinley’s.

Pabst Brewing Company does not have a financial stake in Pabst Labs and will not share in the proceeds from cannabis-infused ‘Not Your Father’s’ Root Beer sales.

About Pabst Labs
Pabst Labs is headquartered in Los Angeles and is solely responsible for the production, marketing, and sales of cannabis-infused products. Pabst Labs is committed to producing high quality cannabis infused beverages and products under brands that push the category forward.

About The Tinley Beverage Company and Beckett’s Tonics
The Tinley Beverage Company manufactures the Becketts Classics™ and Beckett’s 27™ line of non-alcoholic, terpene-infused spirits and cocktails. Beckett’s products are available in mainstream food, beverage and specialty retailers, as well as online across the United States. Cannabis-infused versions of these products are also offered in licensed dispensaries throughout California. Expansion to Canada is underway for both product lines. Tinley’s facility in Long Beach California contains the state’s most versatile and technologically-advanced cannabis-licensed beverage manufacturing equipment. Please visit, Instagram @drinktinleys and @drinkbecketts for recipes, product information and home delivery options.

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