Origin House Launches Integrated Cannabis Distribution Platform in California - 'Continuum'

Published: March 13, 2019

Origin House Launches Integrated Cannabis Distribution Platform in California - 'Continuum'

Origin House, a North American cannabis products and brands company, today announced the launch of Continuum, its wholly-owned California-based distribution platform, formed through the operational integration of RVR Distribution and Alta Supply. The Company also provided an update on the status of its debt conversion.

Continuum’s Capabilities

  • Continuum is the business name for RVR Distribution, the first locally licensed distributor in West Sacramento, California, and Alta Supply, one of the first licensed distribution companies in Oakland, California.
  • Through three fully-licensed facilities in AlamedaYolo and Orange counties and over 90 employees, Continuum has state-wide presence and offers coverage across Northern and Southern California.
  • With a growing network of brand partners and retailers, Continuum is well positioned to ensure a reliable, safe and compliant supply chain to drive success for its partner and customers.
  • Continuum is continuing to add exclusive distribution partnerships with premium California cannabis brands such as those signed in past months with Henry’s Original, Utopia, Humboldt’s Finest, Viola and Kurvana.
  • Experts in business-to-business operations, Continuum works with licensed retailers, cultivators and manufacturers in the state of California to carefully curate brands and streamline industry-leading processes.

Afzal Hasan, President and General Counsel of Origin House stated, “Our California brand focussed business model is powered by statewide distribution. We made strategic acquisitions of companies which had established market know-how and local relationships – RVR Distribution and Alta Supply – and consolidated these companies’ operations, into Continuum. Origin House has continued to develop its brand support services, to include contract cultivation, manufacturing and sales, to establish itself as a premier cannabis brand development platform in California focussed on accelerating the growth of its partner brands.”

Sadie Reyes, President of Continuum commented, “Independently, Alta Supply and RVR Distribution were key players in the California cannabis marketplace, but with our strengths combined under the Origin House umbrella, we are confident to become the partner of choice for growers and retailers in the state. The Continuum brand is founded on relationships and propelled by vision, market expertise and a broad reach. Customers are at the heart of our business and we look forward to combining synergies to ensure success for partners as well as ultimately, consumers.”

Continuum’s corporate identity embodies its strategy to become the most prominent cannabis distribution platform in California. The lemniscate (also known as the infinity symbol) in the logo visually symbolises Continuum’s dedication to unity, limitless possibilities and strength. As a part of the launch of Continuum’s identity, the company has also launched a new website, trustcontinuum.com. 

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