Organigram Announces Trading on the OTCQX Best Market

Published: September 7, 2018

Organigram Announces Trading on the OTCQX Best Market

Organigram Holdings Inc., the parent company of Organigram Inc., a leading licensed producer of medical marijuana, announced that it has qualified to trade on the OTCQX Best Market.

Moving to the OTCQX Best Market is a reflection of Organigram’s continued growth and investor interest in the United States and beyond. Organigram stock will begin trading immediately under the ticker symbol “OGRMF”.

“Our industry has seen tremendous momentum in Canada and around the world, so it’s natural that the investment community is increasingly interested in Organigram’s approach, product portfolio and vision of the future,” said Paolo De Luca, Chief Financial Officer of Organigram. “The OTCQX Best Market provides the most prestigious trading market available by OTC Markets Group reflecting Organigram’s own commitment to excellence and growth. We believe this move to be well-received by investors and investment professionals alike.”

Organigram has seen its U.S. trading volumes as a percentage of its overall trading volumes increase substantially in 2018 and believes that upgrading to the OTCQX® Best Market should help drive increased cross-border liquidity. Since launching the Company’s strategy for adult recreational cannabis and securing distribution across six Canadian provinces to date, De Luca states that the move to OTCQX is the next step. “As interest in Organigram grows outside of our national borders, the move to the OTCQX® Best Market is a natural and welcome progression.”

The OTCQX® Best Market is the U.S. market of choice for many reputable and globally recognized companies including Adidas AG, Roche Holding Ltd and Danone SA.

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