New OCS Data Report Showcases Progress of Legal Cannabis Industry

Published: May 23, 2024

New OCS Data Report Showcases Progress of Legal Cannabis Industry

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) published Ontario Cannabis Marketplace: By the Numbers, a new resource designed for all adult Ontarians interested in learning more about the progress being made in Ontario’s legal cannabis industry.  The By the Numbers data report builds on previous OCS insights publications to demonstrate the span and scope of retail cannabis operations across Ontario, and the growth in access to legal cannabis over time. The data-driven, graphic-rich report conveys dozens of legal market metrics in an easily digestible way.

Each section of the OCS’s By the Numbers data report focuses on a different component of Ontario’s legal cannabis sector, including consumer access, wholesale distribution in Ontario, legal product assortment, legal product sales and consumer behaviour. The report contains relevant facts and figures for the 2023 calendar year, as well as year-over-year (YoY) historical data from 2022.

Notable insights from 2023 include: 

  • Consumer access to legal cannabis grew with 80 net new Authorized Cannabis Stores being added to the 353 participating municipalities across the province

  • Ontario’s network of Authorized Cannabis Stores sold more than 338 million grams of cannabis (23.3 per cent YoY increase) valued at more than $1.9 billion (12.1 per cent YoY increase)

  • The OCS added more than 1,000 unique products from Canadian Licensed Producers to its growing catalogue of tested, traceable recreational cannabis merchandise 

Going forward, the OCS plans to update and publish Ontario Cannabis Marketplace: By the Numbers twice per year. Explore the 2023 data report and other OCS publications at

“As the largest wholesale distributor of legal cannabis in the world, the OCS is proud to deliver comprehensive data aimed at informing Ontarians and supporting industry partners as we enable Canada’s largest and most vibrant cannabis marketplace,” said David Lobo, President and CEO, OCS.

“We remain committed to expanding safe access to legal recreational cannabis products and enriching a frictionless customer experience for our growing network of Authorized Cannabis Stores. The OCS’s By the Numbers data report is one way of reporting back to Ontarians important progress made in these areas,” says Alexandre Jalleau, Chief Customer Experience Officer, OCS.

About the OCS
The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) operates the largest legal and centralized wholesale cannabis organization in the world. We provide Ontario adults aged 19 and older with safe access to tested and traceable recreational cannabis products. As a Crown agency solely owned by the Province of Ontario, the OCS is mandated to provide a competitive alternative to the illegal market, champion a socially responsible cannabis industry and return its profits to the people of Ontario. Our mission is to enable a vibrant cannabis marketplace through great customer experiences, rooted in selection, service and quality. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.