Namaste Announces Cannabis Mobile Strain Recommendation App Uppy Cannabis Journal

Published: July 19, 2018

Namaste Announces Cannabis Mobile Strain Recommendation App Uppy Cannabis Journal

Namaste Technologies Inc. has submitted applications to the Apple and Google Play stores in order to launch its latest mobile application, Uppy Cannabis Journal. Uppy Cannabis Journal is the first artificial intelligence (“AI”) driven medical cannabis app, which is designed to collect direct feedback on cannabis strains and over time provide strain and cannabis hardware recommendations. Namaste has implemented its AI technology through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Findify AB (“Findify” or “”) and has fed over 2 million pieces of unique data to the platform which forms the base on which the algorithm will evolve and adapt itself to better understand the effects of cannabis strains in relation to treatment of many symptoms.

Through Uppy Cannabis Journal, Namaste’s customers and medical cannabis patients will have the access to journal their experiences using various strains of cannabis to treat their symptoms. The data collected over time will allow the algorithm to characterize the way different strains of cannabis benefit different people suffering from different symptoms. The goal of the Uppy Cannabis Journal is to develop a shopping experience whereby patients are provided with the best possible strain recommendations personalized for their needs, based on factual data collected through Namaste’s network of e-commerce sites, combined with user-feedback and AI technology.

Namaste will leverage its database of over 1.5 million consumers on a global scale to collect as much patient and strain data as possible. The implementation of AI technology in strain recommendations opens the door to a deeper level of understanding in how cannabis and different strain profiles treat medical symptoms. Namaste is well-positioned with its expansive international database of cannabis consumers to develop the Uppy Cannabis Journal app to a platform that ultimately will serve to benefit cannabis patients on a global scale. Once the app is approved by Apple and Google, Namaste will begin a marketing program to drive traffic from its own sites to Uppy Cannabis Journal and to attract new users through various digital marketing strategies.

The Company remains focused on developing innovative technologies like Uppy Cannabis Journal and NamasteMD, that provide value to Namaste and its shareholders but also bring great value to the industry, the Company’s peers and patients across the globe. Namaste is keen to differentiate itself in an industry focused on cultivation, as a leader in cannabis technology. Uppy Cannabis Journal provides Namaste with a tool to leverage its e-commerce platform to collect valuable data. Furthermore, the integration of Findify’s AI technology with Uppy Cannabis Journal is a ground-breaking event that will fuel a deeper level of understanding for cannabis patients.

Real-world applications of AI are best suited for implementation in e-commerce, healthcare and logistics environments. With Namaste’s large base of online traffic, the Company can collect substantial data in relation to cannabis patients and strains that will be leveraged using the most innovative AI technology in the market. Namaste will be the first company to dive deep into this exciting area of the industry and in enhancing the user experience for medical patients by providing more relevant recommendations based on the specific needs of individual patient’s. The Company will be able to immediately monetize the data collected by integrating Uppy Cannabis Journal with its e-commerce platform and its upcoming medical cannabis “sales-only” license through the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary and Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes (“ACMPR”) applicant, Cannmart Inc.