MYM Partners With Award-Winning Dutch Passion for the Production and Distribution of Cannabis Seeds in Colombia

Published: August 8, 2018

MYM Partners With Award-Winning Dutch Passion for the Production and Distribution of Cannabis Seeds in Colombia

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. has entered into an agreement with Amsterdam-based Dutch Passion Seed Company for the production and distribution of Dutch Passion branded products and seed genetics in Colombia. This follows the August 1 announcement of a similar agreement between Dutch Passion and MYM for production and distribution of branded products and seed genetics in Australia.

Established in 1987, Dutch Passion is the second-oldest European Cannabis seed company and for over 30 years has been a leading innovator of seed genetics. Dutch Passion has developed its own proprietary genetics and owns a seed collection of international cannabis genetics dating back to the 1970s. The company has won more than 50 Cannabis Cups for its high-THC, easy-to-grow varieties. Dutch Passion also invented feminized cannabis seeds in the 1990s and, more recently, helped pioneer the success of high-THC auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

“We are thrilled to be working with Dutch Passion in both Australia and Colombia. With over 30 years’ experience in the development and distribution of cannabis seeds, they are considered to be world leaders,” said Rob Gietl, CEO of MYM. “As legal production of cannabis has been rapidly increasing worldwide, so has the demand for seed genetics. The Dutch Passion portfolio of seeds will prove to be a very valuable asset to MYM and its shareholders.”

Eric Siereveld, CEO of Dutch Passion commented, “There were a lot of options when we were considering working with producers in Colombia. We chose to partner with MYM because of their strong network and organization in the global cannabis industry. We are confident that MYM has the best environment to maximize the potential of the genetic products we offer.”

Dutch Passion agreed to give MYM exclusive rights in Colombia to produce and distribute under the Dutch Passion brand, all products that Dutch Passion sells currently and may sell in the future, including: clones, flowers, pre-rolled joints and other cannabis products. Colombia is poised to be one of the world’s leading exporters of Cannabis products due to its favorable growing environment and low production costs. Dutch Passion also agreed to give MYM non-exclusive rights in Colombia to produce and/or distribute cannabis seeds under the Dutch Passion brand.

MYM agreed to make Dutch Passion its flagship brand of cannabis seeds for sale in Colombia and Dutch Passion agreed to list MYM as an official distributor of products in Colombia.