MYM Nutraceuticals and Sherbrooke College Sign Education Partnership

Published: June 28, 2018

MYM Nutraceuticals and Sherbrooke College Sign Education Partnership

MYM Nutraceuticals Inc. and Sherbrooke College signed of a partnership agreement to develop a training program for MYM’s employees assigned to the production of cannabis. The educational curriculum will be expanded and offered as a diploma (AEC) program as part of the Sherbrooke College (CEGEP) course offerings.

Under the terms of this agreement, MYM retains the services of the Sherbrooke College (CEGEP) Continuing Education Center to develop and deliver tailor-made training and learning programs leading to a diploma (AEC) in the fields of production, agricultural management and associated laboratory techniques specific to the production of cannabis. The agreement is valid for a five-year period, beginning July 1, 2018. Upon construction of the Company’s production facility in Weedon, Québec being completed, the Company anticipates using such facility to provide certain physical and technical resources to the Continuing Education Center.

”We are pleased to be able to rely on the Sherbrooke College (CEGEP) Continuing Education Center to develop customized training for our future employees, including programs leading to a diploma,” said Rob Gietl, CEO of MYM. “The signing of this agreement with Sherbrooke College (CEGEP) satisfies the Company’s desire to develop its workforce by calling on the area’s educational resources and aiding in the development of such resources.”

Sherbrooke College (CEGEP) Executive Director, Ms. Marie-France Bélanger, points out that this partnership is very much aligned with the learning institution’s core purpose: “In joining this important economic development project in the MRC du Haut-Saint-François, we intend to contribute by bringing in our training expertise. This approach is completely in line with our mission to meet the needs of our region and support businesses in their growth projects.”

Mr. Éric Fernet, Director of the Sherbrooke College (CEGEP) Continuing Education Centre and Businesses Services, adds that this agreement follows the direction taken by the Continuing Education Centre, “Considering the current pressing needs for labor, we are focusing more on offering onsite training services to meet the needs of both individuals and businesses. We thus prefer agile and effective training methods for tailor-made or turnkey solutions.”

MYM recently announced the start of construction for its Weedon project, which is expected to be a 1.5 million square foot cannabis greenhouse located in Weedon, Québec. The project also intends to begin construction on a multifunctional CannaCentre which will host a research facility, staff training center, museum, hotel, and restaurant. A report by Deloitte estimates that the Weedon project could bring investment of $200 million and could create 400 jobs for the region.