Meet the Canadian Leader for Cannabis Travel and Tourism - HiBnb

Published: September 3, 2021

Meet the Canadian Leader for Cannabis Travel and Tourism - HiBnb

The first and only of its kind, HiBnb has been created to specialize exclusively in cannabis-focused, Canadian-based accommodations, excursions and activities. When exploring HiBnb, guests are able to book various cannabis-friendly vacation opportunities, events and ventures, as well as cannabis experiences. You can also become a host, allowing consumers to enjoy cannabis in a judgement-free zone while travelling.

HiBnb is different from any other online booking marketplace. All of the listings available allow guests to enjoy cannabis while travelling and/or doing activities they love most. With something for everyone, from the cannabis-curious to professionals, HiBnb offers opportunities to explore cannabis in safe, supportive, and welcoming environments.

“Cannabis became legal in Canada and aside from purchasing at a legal store, nothing else really changed, there wasn’t any solutions for Canadians looking to enjoy these newly legal products & integrate them in their social and travels plans in the same way they can with alcoholic beverages.” said Elizabeth Becker, Founder of Hibnb, “HiBnb was created for the people who want to enjoy in social settings, when they are travelling, and doing things they love, all while feeling comfortable and leaving the stigma behind.”

HiBnb works with hosts across Canada to develop a variety of cannabis inclusive events for everyone to enjoy from cannabis enthusiasts to the cannabis curious. On September 9th, 2021, Art in the Park, a hi-art class centered around abstract exploration will be kicking off their first September series event in Toronto. Guests will be able to explore their creativity with Shelter Cannabis and Spiritleaf Little Italy while painting and making new friends. You can register for Art in the Park here. Another Toronto event that is worth checking out, High Tea Yoga Event, which offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into learning how to incorporate cannabis into your spiritual and healing practice. This event is in partnership with Blissed and Cori.

Live outside of Toronto? HiBnb has events happening all over Canada including VancouverCalgary, and Hamilton, sponsored by Sessions Cannabis. The HiBnb website is constantly being updated with more events daily for those to enjoy all around Canada. HiBnb is the place for cannabis enthusiasts to connect with, learn from and co-create a vibrant and welcoming community united in the desire to share what everyone loves. Find all the events in your area here.

HiBnb was designed for the people, that are age of majority. Whether you want to enjoy one of the many cannabis experiences or become a HiBnb host, anyone can participate in the cannabis tourism industry. HiBnb is a tool anyone can use and trust. Consumers are able to Play Hi, Stay Hi, and Get Hi, with zero worries and a safe environment.

About HiBnb
Hibnb is the future of cannabis travel and tourism. Book a class dedicated to cooking with cannabis, use their mobile chef service, try an elevated yoga class, or stay at one of their locations with a smoking terrace. HiBnb is the place where like-minded individuals can connect and share their love of cannabis in a non-judgemental environment. HiBnb is in no way affiliated with Airbnb. You can learn more about HiBnb on our website: