Medical Cannabis Leaders Launch Sora Care, a Cross-canada Virtual Medical Cannabis Clinic

Published: October 4, 2023

Medical Cannabis Leaders Launch Sora Care, a Cross-canada Virtual Medical Cannabis Clinic

Canadian pioneers in the medical cannabis field are excited to announce the launch Sora Care, a virtual online Medical Cannabis clinic that will provide Canadians coast-to-coast with online access to physicians, nurses and educators, all with expertise in Medical Cannabis. As Canada approaches the 5-year anniversary of cannabis legalization on October 17th, many patients, clinicians, and advocates are frustrated by the remaining barriers to access medical cannabis.

Sora Care will provide Canadians with online access to physicians, nurses and educators with medical cannabis expertise.

“In many ways, access to medical cannabis and education has gone backwards since legalization. Every day we hear from patients who are turned away from their physicians and pharmacists and directed to access cannabis products from recreational sources” said Erin Prosk, President of Sora Care and Santé Cannabis, Quebec’s leading medical cannabis clinic since 2014. “This would not be acceptable for any other drug class. It is with this urgency that we have launched Sora Care, a cross-Canada virtual clinic where patients, physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals can find dependable, high-quality medical cannabis support delivered at no-fee.”

Sora Care provides special services including personalized treatment plans, insurance coverage assessment, veteran care and ongoing monitoring. Healthcare professionals can refer patients to the service, or patients can reach out to request an appointment.

“We have a responsibility as physicians to ensure that patients have access, support and supervision for their cannabis use to maximize potential benefits and minimize risk of harm.” Dr. Danial Schecter serves as the Medical Director of Sora Care and is a leading medical cannabis clinician with more than 15 years of experience. “I’m excited to be part of this ground-breaking venture to improve outcomes for any Canadians who are seeking guidance from expert cannabinoid physicians.”

About Sora Care
Sora Care is a virtual medical cannabis clinic offering no-fee services for patients across Canada. Founded by a team of medical cannabis leaders, Sora Care is committed to the advancement of medical cannabis via clinical research, education and advocacy. The clinic offers medical cannabis consultations from expert physicians, patient education, personalized treatment plans and insurance coverage assessments as well as support programs for special patient populations including Canadian Veterans, Workplace injuries, Seniors and Eldercare and Pediatrics. To book an appointment, or learn more about services at Sora Care, contact by phone: (844) 223-8886 or online: