Mariwell Announces Attainment of Company Sales Licence

Published: September 15, 2021

Mariwell Announces Attainment of Company Sales Licence

Mariwell, a boutique cannabis grower on the shores of Lake Erie, today announced it has achieved its sales licence issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Regulations. Licence holders are authorized to sell to wholesalers and distributors that supply the provincial and territorial cannabis retailers and/or individuals (“registered patients”) who have registered to obtain cannabis products for medical purposes. Mariwell’s sales licence attainment adds to their licensing achievements as they have previously received their processing and cultivation licence from Health Canada in June of 2020.

Mariwell looks to establish relationships with industry leaders as a newly licensed holder, with an emphasis on their unique location, rich soils, and organic practices. This includes licensed producers, pharmaceutical retailers and affiliates, medical processors, and others in the retail and medical industries. As Mariwell engages both experienced buyers and newcomers in the field, they look to educate all on various benefits to the terpenes and rare and unique genetics they use in production. This allows for quality cannabis, result-driven care and the ability to produce high-yield crops to meet the demands of buyers.

Brendon Dittmer, Mariwell’s master grower, says, “Here at Mariwell, we grow in some of the best environmental conditions found in Ontario. From the lake effect breeze to the special genetics we use that contain very valuable and rare terpenes. We focus on every plant as it goes into the ground, hand planting with care. At the end of the day, the care that you put into the plant at the beginning will show in the fruits at the end. We also have a wide variety of genetics, over 175 genetics in our library, some of the most rare and valuable strains in the industry. We will continue honing in on those, making new varieties that are adaptable to the environment and that are wanted by the industry.”

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About Mariwell
Mariwell is a licensed cannabis producer under the Cannabis Act located in Wheatley, Ontario, Canada. Their goal is to provide all-natural Canadian products with a specific intent on health and wellness. Through the expertise of Mariwell’s team and their unique Lake Erie location that provides them with optimal sun, soil and wind, they produce high-quality and sustainable cannabis that is inspired by the local community in which they operate.